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Healing the Worthiness Wound: Sacral Chakra Work for Spiritual Entrepreneurs {Video}

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In this workshop, we are going to discuss the worthiness wound, focusing on sacral chakra work and stepping into a new level of worthiness.

Most women struggle with worthiness due to inherited familial patterns, parental & societal programming. We are constantly fed misinformation that we are “too much” of this or “not enough” of that.

I’m here to flip the script and help you get empowered in your worthiness!

There is a master manifester, powerful Creatrix, and fierce Goddess inside of you just waiting to express her full potential & breathe life into your dreams.

We all carry some amount of unworthiness.

Many times there are deeper, hidden levels of unworthiness that we don’t even realize we are carrying.

In this workshop, I am going to guide you toward stepping into a new level of worthiness.

To energetically prep, I picked four essential oils that work with the sacral chakra: lemon, ylang ylang, patchouli, and sandalwood.

Worthiness Wound Video

Sacral Chakra Basics

The sacral chakra is about two inches below naval.

It’s your emotional center. It’s your center for pleasure, creativity, and sexuality.

It is also your center for abundance.

The Root of Unworthiness

Women, especially, tend to hold unworthiness in the sacral chakra. In previous years, women were not allowed to have their autonomy. Women were labeled, slandered, and shamed.

All of these labels against women block our worthiness.

This is a complicated space because we are working through our own things AND previous generational patterns.

Shame blocks our ability to express ourselves. It is a massive wound to overcome. Shame shows up in unworthiness.

Whether you are trying to attract a partner, start a business, or do a creative project, if you get this inspiration but then shame pops in, shame can block you from fully expressing your creative potential.

When we feel unworthy, we lose our ability to experience pleasure.

I see so many women who are just getting by, and they are so disconnected from pleasure and joy.

Even if you are feeling connected to joy, I can tell you that there is a lot more that you could be tapping into. I want to also call in more pleasure and joy.

Sacral Chakra Work Journal Prompts

The following journal prompts will help you dive into the shadow work behind unworthiness.

  • What is blocking you from what you desire in your life?
  • Where do you feel unworthy?
  • What self-judgements do you have?
  • Is there any shame (I am bad) or guilt (I did a bad thing) in your energy field around this desire?

Soulful Sharing

The following topics came in during our soulful sharing after the journal prompts. For more details and depth, be sure to watch the full video.

The Trouble with Comparison

We are working through different lessons.

Comparison says we are different. We think we are different from others. In thinking that, we have automatically put ourselves lower.

We want to shift our thinking from comparison to inspiration.

Relationship with Money

Money is energy. It’s a frequency. If you are feeling unworthy thoughts regarding financial freedom, you want to start to reprogram your beliefs around money.

Think of your relationship with money as a relationship with a person. Start talking to your money in new ways

Reprogramming with Money

  • Having money makes me more honest, more generous, and more loving.
  • Having money allows me more freedom.
  • I get to work less and make more.
  • The work I am going to do with this money will be a greater quality.
  • When i send money out, I invite more back in multitude.

Remember, our negative energy is repelling. Our positive energy is attractive.

Even though we have programming from the past, you can choose a new story any day.

You are a powerful creator. It is time for you to tap into that!

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