Private Sessions with Rachel

Receive any combination of health coaching, intuitive guidance or energy healing in a one-hour private session.

A single session is a great way to connect one-to-one with Rachel & give you a taste of the powerful healing & energetic transformation available to you. Even one session can lead to a quantum shift that creates a major ripple towards better health, more joy & emotional freedom in life. 

Rachel is very gifted at holding space & supporting clients wherever they are in their healing journey, whether this is brand new to you or you’ve been healing for many years & need guidance on a stubborn symptom. 

Each session is extremely unique, but every session will leave you feeling more uplifted, inspired & optimistic about your healing journey.

Choose from the following appointment options below:

“I love Rachel’s vibe!”

My reading with Rachel really uplifted my energy! I understood myself better after the reading, and had specific nuggets of wisdom to apply to help me in my life.
Rachel is very easy and fluid to talk with. She has a great balance of active listening and sharing. She explains concepts very clearly in a way that I understand. She is so kind and friendly!
Portland, Oregon

Rachel “is amazingly knowledgeable & intuitive.”

Rachel is a knowledgeable, kind, encouraging and non-judgmental guide. She gently leads you through maintaining positive change. You can’t help but feel uplifted and inspired after speaking with her.
I would highly recommend Rachel to anyone who is serious about healing their body, mind and spirit. She is amazingly knowledgeable and intuitive. She can do it all!

I would recommend Rachel “absolutely, without any hesitation. If you are ready to do the work, she is the best at guiding you home to yourself.”

First and foremost, Rachel holds space for me. She has walked me into, through and out of so much of the shadow work I have transcending over the last several months. She has stood as a beacon for possibilities. She has reminded me that I am safe to rise up into my highest and best. Lastly, I think her gift to me has been to give myself to myself. She has empowered me to empower myself. She has stood in the NOW with me and helped me see what IS with grace, acceptance, and courage. She has been a cheerleader in my successes for sure.
When I am with Rachel, I am in the present, I am in sacred space, I am free to be, do, and have ME. She holds space, sacred space for the unveiling of my spiritual journey and my calling to unfold.