Embracing Messy Authenticity 

Embracing the truth of who we are (the real truth) is the only path to emotional freedom & lasting joy. 

After this workshop, you will:

Feel more connected to your Higher Self
Understand the power of your authentic expression
Experience more self-love & compassion
Feel more joyful & authentic

Saturday, April 2nd
11am – 12:15pm EST
Enrollment $33

When you can completely love & accept your quirks, idiosyncrasies, and so-called ‘weaknesses or flaws’, that’s when you become whole. In wholeness, you carry more of your soul or Higher Self in your physical vessel. You hold more power from the Universe. This is the key to becoming the creator of a joyful life.

Learn About:

  • The effects of self-judgment & negative self-talk
  • How the vibration of thought & emotion attracts our life experience 
  • How to tap into the power of authenticity 
  • Who your Higher Self is & how the expression of her energy is critical to a joyful life

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