The Universe Thinks Your Plan Sucks

You have a plan for your life. You think it’s a good plan, but the Universe is not impressed. You’re probably playing small & you don’t even know it. The Universe has a MUCH GREATER plan for you, probably better than you could even imagine!!!

You are an extension of Source, of The Creator. Therefore, you are a Creator, an expander in this world meant to build your life the way you want based on your values & experiences. You are not meant to be a carbon copy or follow some one else’s path.

We think we know what we’re doing in life, but then we find ourselves in situations gone ‘wrong’ – divorce, job loss, financial collapse, etc. These upheavals are a sign that things have been wrong for a long time and they are finally starting to go right (even though it can feel scary!). The Universe is steering us in a massive redirection.

These upheavals are the times when we have a choice – resist and persist in familiar pain or surrender and allow unexpected blessings to come from the shadows.

We’ve been programmed to believe a lot of lies…go to school, get the job, get married, have a family, put money away in your 401k, and you’ll be happy & secure.

That sh*t did NOT work for me. My soul did not want that path. I hit failure after failure (including divorce, foreclosure, adrenal fatigue & autoimmunity) until I finally started to make my own rules in life. I started to turn inwards & make choices from my body & intuition, rather than making decisions from the external programming and pressure about how life was supposed to be.

It’s time for you to turn inward as well, to rebel against the status quo, to become the Creator of your life ALONG WITH THE PLAN OF THE UNIVERSE. This goes way beyond manifesting. This is Universal Intelligence brought to life through the portal which is your body & your mind.

If you want more satisfaction, peace & joy in your life on your terms, please join me for this free inspirational workshop & healing.

In this workshop, I will share:

How to work with the Universe to create your dream life
My personal story of creating a misaligned life & how I left that behind
My pregnancy journey & birth story
How to recognize resistance & move into surrender
A meditation for surrender & reconnection to your inner wisdom
Q&A as time allows

Event Details

I will be offering this workshop on two dates. The content will be similar, but as always, much of the transmissions are channel. That means the meditation & healing will be unique. You are welcome to attend one or both dates.

Wednesday, December 28th & Friday, January 6th
1:00pm – 2:15pm EST

(Replay in your email within 24 hours if you can’t make it live)

The next free workshop will be in February where I will share my updates on 5 years of living plant based and my journey with Medical Medium protocols.

Have you ever considered that your dreams may be small? Odds are the Universe has much more in store for you, IF you learn how to work with your internal guidance system & embrace the energy of receiving.

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The workshop will take place via Zoom. All info to join will be sent via email.

If you can’t make the workshop live, a replay will be emailed out within 48 hours. The replay is just as good as participating live!

There are no refunds on workshops.