Embracing Inner Abundance for Powerful Co-Creation

In this workshop, I will share my (surprising) personal journey of co-creating relationships, babies, homes, a soulful business & a life of abundance. 
You will learn how to create with the Universe in the most unexpected of ways by connecting to your emotional guidance system, releasing lack & receiving energy healing.

I felt compelled to create this workshop, because I found myself floating in my pool with my big 28-week pregnant belly, looking around thinking “How the actual f*ck is this my life?’.

I have been able to take a ton of time off work to grow this baby. I’m having a super healthy pregnancy at 39 years old with a truly aligned partner. I’m living in a new home on 3 private acres in the woods with a pool, a space to host retreats & an in-law suite for my mom, so she can help when the new baby comes.

The things I have desired for decades are showing up in my life in ways I never could have expected. I always thought I would struggle, have just enough & live in some degree of lack. I never thought I could actually have it all.

I want to share with you how I did this & how you can create your own abundant life.

In this workshop, you will learn how to:

Co-create a life beyond what you ever thought possible for you
Regulate your nervous system to abundance, so you can let go of lack & scarcity around your desires
Move through low vibration emotions more efficiently & use them as a powerful place of manifestation
Release resistance in order to receive more
Develop more self-love

The workshop will include:

Rachel sharing her SURPRISING story of co-creation
Exercises for emotional & nervous system self-awareness
A guided meditation to heal lack & scarcity around your desires

Saturday, August 13th
11am – 12:15pm EST
Enrollment $33

(Replay in your email within 24 hours if you can’t make it live)

We all have dreams about what we want in life, but do we truly believe they are available to us? Most of us are trying to manifest from a place of lack or scarcity. This is natural, because we don’t have the thing we want, but it creates a repellent energy. (Think of how unattractive it feels to date someone who is desperate & needy or the energy of a manipulative salesperson desperate to make a sale to you. Ick!)

This lack around our desires can create a lot of other painful emotions too, like fear, anxiety, sorrow, loneliness, guilt and shame, but the truth is that all of these emotions are showing up as powerful forces to help us manifest what we DO want in life.

The emotions are a powerful guidance system that is trying to help you move into alignment with joy, abundance & freedom around all of your desires (not a thing you need to cure, avoid, fix).

Have you ever considered that your dreams may be small? Odds are the Universe has much more in store for you, IF you learn how to work with your internal guidance system & embrace the energy of receiving.

This workshop is for you if you desire:

  • A more expansive life – more love, abundance, joy, freedom
  • More tools to work with tough emotions when they show up
  • To feel inspired, lit up, and excited about your ability to create your dream life
  • A stronger connection to your Higher Self/Higher Power/Intuition

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