Intuitive Coach

Welcome! I’m rachel!

I help women co-create their dream lives & businesses through embodiment, self-awareness & energy healing.



Welcome! I’m rachel!

I help women live in alignment with their soul purpose & co-create their dream lives through embodiment, self-awareness & energy healing.

I help you manifest your deepest desires in all areas of life – health, wealth, relationships, business.

The power to co-create lies within each of us. When we tap into our soul purpose & follow our inner guidance system, the power to manifest expands rapidly. Through a 3-step process of self-awareness, embodiment & energy healing, I support you in holding the frequency & taking the steps necessary to co-create whatever you desire.

I have consciously created a life that affords me a 6-figure business, the freedom to travel and make my own schedule, a 20 hour work week, a soulful relationship, and a healthy body free of autoimmune conditions. I have created this life through inner healing work and a devotion to serving my soul’s purpose.

I’ve personally walked this path & supported many women in the embodiment of their desires. My power lies in integrating the spiritual with the physical. The truth is, I’m woo-woo AF with a powerful intuition, but I’m also deeply grounded in practical tools to help you shift your reality! I believe that we get to do, be, and have it all in life! I would love to support you in co-creating all of your dreams.

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Work with Rachel

Rachel offers one-to-one, group, courses, Masterminds & retreats.
Individual sessions for energy healing, intuitive guidance, or business coaching, can be scheduled here: one-to-one coaching.

Techniques for Co-Creation

The process of co-creation is simple, but there can be a number of blocks that we must uncover and heal to truly embody our full potential.

After over 15 years of coaching & counseling, I have developed a range of tools to help you move past these blocks. Strategies we implement together may include:

  • Compassionate Self-Observation
  • Embodiment Techniques
  • Intuition Development
  • Mindset & Empowerment Coaching
  • Balancing Masculine & Feminine Energy
  • Unlearning – Conditioning, Programming, Limiting beliefs
  • Energy Field Management
  • Shadow Work
  • Chakra Readings & Healings
  • Emotion Code Sessions
  • Whole Food, Plant Based Diet

What People are Saying

Meet Rachel

Rachel Pelisson is an Intuitive Coach, helping women find their purpose & co-create their dream lives through self-awareness, embodiment & energy healing. 

Rachel is a highly empathic intuitive and has been coaching for over 17 years. Combining her psychic abilities with practical strategies for physical, mental & emotional wellness allows her to take a truly holistic approach to empowering women to co-create abundance, joy & freedom in all areas of life.