Rachel Pelisson

Intuitive & Energy Healer, Soul Coach, Nutritionist

I help you integrate physical healing with your spiritual journey.

I know what it feels like to be out of balance with your physical body and out of alignment with your higher self. It feels confusing, stressful, and lonely. If you're feeling this way, please don't lose hope. You have the power to heal and I want to help you find that power.

Deep healing requires a holistic approach to body, mind & spirit. I'll guide you through implementing a whole food, plant based diet, a supportive supplement regimen, and spiritual practices to recover your health & vitality.

I am committed to following and applying the information shared by Medical Medium, Anthony William. I am deeply grateful for this healing information as it has changed countless lives, including my own. I am confident it will change your life too.

Chronic Illness & Mystery Symptoms

I believe that chronic illness & mystery symptoms arise from pathogens in the body & toxins in our environment plus an emotional & spiritual misalignment. 

You can heal most any symptom or chronic condition with high vibration foods, supportive supplements, and the right mindset.

You can heal and you can do it without prescription medication. I specialize in treating the following conditions naturally:

Never forget that you have the power to heal yourself. You are your greatest healing resource. You are a divine being embodied on this planet to share your light and gifts. The world needs you to heal, so you can share that light.

If you’ve been struggling for years or even decades with any of the conditions listed below, please know that healing is possible. There are common root causes behind these conditions. With the help of information provided by Medical Medium & Spirit, we will identify the root cause of your symptoms and create a customized healing plan.

I specialize in the following women's health conditions:

Following a strict diet is often not enough to fully heal. Healing must address both the physical and the non-physical (emotional & spiritual) components of health.

It is your divine right to live in a healthy body and enjoy all that vibrational alignment has to offer. The Universe conspires for your well-being. When you understand how to use vibrational alignment as a tool for healing, you will find your symptoms and outlook on life improve rather quickly.

I use the following methods to promote your emotional & spiritual health:

Some of these spiritual practices may sound familiar to you and some may be foreign. We pick and choose the practices that resonate most with you. Remember that you are your own greatest healer. When you tap into your true spiritual potential, healing becomes easy.

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    Meet Rachel

    Rachel Pelisson is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Health Coach. Rachel has a virtual nutrition practice which allows her to see clients all over the US and internationally. Her practice focuses on women’s health issues, primarily thyroid & skin conditions. Rachel’s healing methods are inspired by the work of Anthony William. She loves connecting clients with the healing power of plants that leads to dramatic improvements in health, not only physically, but emotionally & spiritually as well.

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    Meet Rachel

    Rachel Pelisson is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Health Coach. She is a spiritual guide and energy healer. Rachel has a virtual healing practice which allows her to see clients all over the US and internationally. Her practice focuses on healing chronic illness & mystery symptoms, primarily focused on women & children's health. Rachel is deeply inspired by the work of Medical Medium, Anthony William. She loves connecting the healing power of plants with spiritual practices to promote physical, emotional & spiritual wellness. 

    I have studied nutrition for over 20 years, searching for solutions to heal some of the most common, yet poorly understood women’s health concerns. I have finally found the answers with inspiration from Anthony William, Medical Medium. I whole-heartedly believe your body wants to heal. When given the opportunity your body will fight for you and so will I! I will help you:

    I have studied nutrition for over 15 years, earning a Bachelor's degree, Master's degree and countless certifications in nutritional science. I have also spent most of my life searching for answers to everyday living, to fear, depression, anxiety, emotional ups & downs. Spirituality has been the answer to all my questions.

    Through a whole food, plant based diet (Medical Medium Protocols) and spiritual practice, I have healed traumas, let go of old programming and fear-based beliefs. I've healed from EBV, strep, H. Pylori, and a journey with emotional eating & overweight that started in early childhood. I've found a healthy body, peace, & spiritual alignment. It feels incredible.

    I want you to heal and find alignment with your highest self, so you can feel incredible too! By combining my deep knowledge of science & physiology with spiritual practices, I will help you:

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