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Why People Don’t Heal on Medical Medium: Orthorexia

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What is Orthorexia?

Orthorexia is a type of eating disorder characterized by an unhealthy obsession with healthy eating that creates nervous system dysregulation & worsening adrenal fatigue.

What is Nervous System Dysregulation?

The nervous system can be up or down regulated into fight, flight, or freeze (some include fawn in this list). When it is dysregulated, the heart rate, breathing rate, and blood pressure go up due to elevated stress hormones.

Having stress hormones elevated over prolonged periods of time can lead to worsening adrenal fatigue. Remember that adrenaline is one of the most toxic substances to our bodies. It burns through neuro transmitters, reduces digestive capacity & nutrient absorption & damages tissues.

How Does Nervous System Dysregulation Effect Healing with Medical Medium Information?

Unfortunately, as some people journey through the healing process, food can become a significant stressor when they don’t have proper support & coaching. Many health coaches & nutritionists are not educated in the mental health aspects of food or in the importance of nervous system regulation.

I have seen numerous people abandon the Medical Medium lifestyle after developing undiagnosed orthorexia. This is not a fault of the Medical Medium information. Everything Anthony William shares in the books say to modify & adjust as needed.

Check out the video above for one story about a woman who developed orthorexia, how to avoid the pitfalls of orthorexia, how to tap into your body wisdom & heal more efficiently with less restriction.

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