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Purple Passion Smoothie

Purple Passion Smoothie


Tip: If smoothies make you too cold, try leaving the frozen fruit out on the counter to thaw. Alternatively, you can safely move your frozen fruit in the refrigerator for 2-3 days before you plan to eat it. Room temperature smoothies are key for keeping your fruit intake high in colder climates…(Read More)

Cranberry Elixir

Cranberry Elixir


This beverage will be far more powerful than any pasteurized cranberry juice you can find on a grocery store shelf. Try drinking this beverage for 30 days to see improvement in mood, urinary health, and any strep-related symptoms. Cranberries are powerful healers for: Urinary tract infectionKidney infection & stonesGallstones & gallbladder diseaseMigrainesSeasonal allergiesCardiovascular diseaseCancerBalancing…(Read More)

Watermelon Cooler

This watermelon cooler mocktail recipe is de-li-cious! A super quick, easy recipe! If you are looking for more delicious beverages, check out my smoothies. Here’s a delightful summer drink that will please everyone! Not to mention, it is completely natural and additive-free. There’s no added sugar or natural flavors, as…(Read More)

Mango Salsa - Corn-Free, Gluten-Free, & Fat-Free

Here’s a recipe for mango jalapeno salsa that is quick and delicious! It pairs perfectly with my tapenade! This mango salsa is a favorite for spring and summer! It’s refreshing, flavorful, light, and simple! You can easily prepare this recipe in just a few minutes! There are just five ingredients: fresh mangos, onion…(Read More)

Lemon Balm Popsicles

These blueberry lemon balm popsicles are quick, easy, and delicious. They are also full of good nutrition and healing ingredients that you can feel good about feeding your kids. If you are looking for more ways to get good nutrition into your children’s diets, popsicles are an easy and fun way! Unlike the supermarket…(Read More)

Healthy Potato Salad

This healthy potato salad is always a hit at summer picnics. Simple, delicious, full of flavor and healing foods, yet totally overt fat-free! Potato salads are such a staple for summer parties, picnics, and barbeques. Yet, they are often filled with mayo, butter, vinegar, and all kinds of unhealthy things. Not this one! This…(Read More)

Energizing Tropical Smoothie

Here’s a recipe for the best energy-boosting tropical smoothie! Be sure to check out my sleep smoothie too! This tropical energy-boosting smoothie is not only delightful but is extremely healthy. Refreshing and delicious, this green smoothie is my current favorite! Many times, smoothies are packed with powders, milk, and yogurt, making them…(Read More)

Here’s a recipe for plant-based twice baked potatoes that is easy and “cheesy!” Potatoes are absolutely delicious. They are a powerful food for healing, but most don’t realize that. Potatoes are usually covered in all kinds of things – cheese sauces, sour cream, bacon. Those unhealthy toppings give the potato a bad rap…(Read More)