5 Tips to Get More Leafy Greens in Your Diet {Video}

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Here are five tips to get more leafy greens in your diet. Leafy greens are one of the most healing foods for all conditions.

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1. Get a Bigger Salad Bowl

First, having a bigger salad bowl helps tremendously because you can make your salads so much bigger.

2. Chop Up Your Greens

Chopping up your greens cuts down on chewing and eating time, and it really helps make your salad more enjoyable.

3. Add More Leafy Greens to Smoothies

Throw greens in every single smoothie, even if it’s just a little bit more.

4. Juice More Greens

You can get a ton of dark leafy greens into your juices. Also, you can throw some apples in too to make it tastier. You can get a load of leafy greens in this way.

5. Serve Everything on a Bed of Greens

Put your cooked veggies on greens, put your potatoes on greens, put everything on a bed of greens.

Last, make sure your greens are raw. That’s how you will get the most healing in. If you can get yourself up to a half-pound or even a pound of greens in this way, you will make dramatic shifts with your healing.

Adding in more greens will make a big shift in your healing journey!

If you are looking for some amazing salad recipes, be sure to check out my recipe page. I have a ton of delicious salad, dressing, and marinade recipes that will help you get more greens in! The more greens you can get in, the more healing you will experience.

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