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How You Can Step into Emotional Freedom and Sovereignty {Video}

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Here’s how you can step into your own sovereignty and emotional freedom, regardless of external influences.

Sovereignty is when you are in your own power. It is one of the most important spaces to be in.

Sovereignty is having the freedom and ability to make decisions within yourself, without external influence.

Unfortunately, a lot of us have really lost our sovereignty.

How Have We Lost Our Sovereignty?

We are making decisions so other people won’t feel bad.

We are following rules, so we won’t get in trouble.

And, we are staying in our careers because it looks good on our resume.

Basically, we are making decisions based on a lot of external factors that are not a reflection of our true inner world.

We are making decisions from these conflicting viewpoints, narratives, and agendas that really do not have our highest good as the focus.

Then, we end up losing ourselves, losing our sovereignty, and losing our freedom.

When you lose your sovereignty, you lose your happiness, you lose your joy, and you lose your ability to connect to your intuition and follow your soul path.

That’s why we are seeing such an epidemic of anxiety, depression, emotional eating, substance abuse, and work-o-holism.

How Do You Come Back into Your Own Sovereignty?

You can come back into your own sovereignty.

Eliminating External Noise

First, you cut out all of the outside noise.

You do this by getting really firm in your boundaries. This is a hard thing to do.

It means you are going to start saying no to things, people, and programming. For example, my resume doesn’t really matter. My credit score doesn’t really matter.

We are trapped and locked into all these societal programs that say things need to be a certain way, but they don’t.

The only way they need to be is the way that feels right in your heart.

We have to let go of the societal programming.

We have to let go of the generational programming. This comes through our family and says how we are supposed to be and act.  

Also, we have to let go of what our partner thinks we should be doing.

We have to let go of the timeline that society puts on us – college, job, marriage, family, and the same job for 30 years.

You don’t have to do any of those things.

How to Attain Emotional Freedom and Sovereignty

Use Your Emotions as a Guidance System

As you start to clear out the outside noise, you will start following your own emotional guidance system.

Following your own emotions, as opposed to others’ emotions, as guidance brings more happiness and abundance.

The more you start connecting to your higher self and getting tapped into your soul mission, the more everything will start to flow for you.

This creates emotional freedom for yourself.

It is so powerful because you can make your own decisions. When you are emotionally tied to something or someone else, it is extremely painful.

The emotions tell us when we are out of soul alignment. As different emotions come up, ask yourself, “What is this emotion trying to tell me?”

Career Example

For example, say you are in a job that you can’t stand, but you feel you can’t leave. Ask yourself why you can’t leave.

Are you afraid of what your family will think? Are you afraid of what your boss will think? Are you afraid that the Universe won’t provide for you and you won’t have enough money?

Are you afraid that you’ve invested all this time and money into education in this field, and then you realized that job is not what you want at all?!

Ask yourself what programs are locking you into a space that is not right for you.

The sooner you can get to the point of recognizing that you’ve given up your freedom to these external rules, the sooner you can free yourself of the chains.

Resistance from Others

As you start to step into emotional sovereignty, some people aren’t going to like it because you are no longer placating them.

You are no longer playing their games.

You are no longer dropping into their vibration and letting them take your energy.

When you get really serious about your boundaries and how you want to feel on a daily basis, you start to remove the crap holding you down.

People are going to see you being different. They will see you acting different.

People will say you need to come back down and check yourself.

Clear all of that out.

Clear out that low vibration, 3-D, fear-based, control-based stuff out and keep pulling yourself higher by following your emotional guidance system.

We don’t have to engage with people that will drop our energy. We do not have to take care of everyone else’s emotions before ours.

The Pain & Beauty of Cutting Cords

Figure out what fear-based systems are making you stay where you are. Start cutting those cords that are holding you back from being your authentic self.

Why is this so hard to cut cords? We use those cords as a lifeline.

When we cut those cords, we come back to emotional sovereignty, and we have got to feel everything that’s in there.

There’s a lot of pain in every single one of us. When we cut those cords, we have to witness our own suffering and pain.

When you come back and witness that pain and work with your shadow, that’s where the freedom lies.

Once you can begin to integrate parts of your own shadow, then you understand the shadow. Then, no one can take you down with their shadow.

Emotional Freedom Key Points

Emotional freedom and sovereignty in your own space are really important if you want to create the life of your dreams.

Cut out all of the external programming.

The only person you owe is yourself.

Coming back to yourself as God, Source, Creator. Put yourself and your light first. In doing so, you are putting divinity first.

Your direct connection to divinity is the most important thing.

I hope this inspired you to start making some decisions that are for you and no one else.

Sending you all my love!


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