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Healing Lupus Story: Lupus, RA, Brain Tumors {Video}

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Rachel Pelisson interviews Dr. Ginny Orenstein about her healing journey and how she has healed from rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, and brain tumors. This is an incredible healing story! Be sure to check out other healing stories too.

Ginny shares her healing story, including how she has healed from chronic illness. She was misdiagnosed for 12 years. Every time she had a flare-up, it was after something traumatic happened in her life.

They ran every test, and everything came back negative. They said it was a viral condition. After all this time passed, she was clinically diagnosed with lupus.

At the time, she was also engaged to be married. As her chronic illness was getting worse, she was on a treatment plan. The treatments weren’t working, as she was feeling about the same. She also was feeling the side effects of the medication, which caused her depression and suicidal thoughts.

Her husband called the doctor and realized the medications were causing these strong side effects.

Once, Ginny started the Medical Medium protocol, everything changed. Everything she was trying to do to heal herself wasn’t working. She found this information through reading books on chronic illness in an attempt to heal. She realized that the Epstein Barr Virus had been the underlying factor behind a lot of her symptoms.

Some of her symptoms were chronic fatigue, facial rashes from the sun, migraines, painful mouth and nose ulcers, and additional neurological symptoms.

Be sure to watch the whole healing lupus interview, so you can hear her story – and hear how she healed! She is truly an inspiration to everyone in the chronic illness community.

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