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What is Wrong with Me? Coming Back to Your Truth When Feeling Stuck

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What is wrong with me? Here’s how understanding early trauma, coping mechanisms, and coming back to the truth of who you are will all help you understand that there is nothing wrong with you.

There’s nothing wrong with you. There never has been. There never will be. 

We’ve all been born into a broken system. 

Most of us were born into a capitalist, patriarchal system that does not value compassion, connection, environmentalism, natural medicine, or energy management. 

These are foundational pieces of holistic wellness. 

Additionally, we are born into broken family systems as well. Our parents did the best they could with the resources they had. Same with their parents and the parents before them. 

We are also carrying generational traumas and familial patterns. These generational traumas and patterns can both be physical toxicity and energetic toxicity. 

In order to cope, we develop these mechanisms and energetic patterns, and we get stuck. 

Your Early Trauma

Early on, typically before the age of 7, there were some core needs that weren’t met for every single one of us. 

You might say that you had a normal upbringing and didn’t experience this. 

Look deeper. 

Everyone experienced something traumatic. Not having your needs met is also a form of trauma. 

Generational Trauma

In addition to personal trauma, there is also generational trauma.

It takes thousands of ancestors to make you. 

Think of their experiences – loss of life, loss of children, loss of spouses, wars, lack of safety, abuse, famine. Some cultural groups have even more trauma than other groups. 

This is carried forward with us. 

Your DNA was physically inside of your grandmother. We are physically connected two generations back, and we are energetically connected much more than that. 

Wounded Society 

We are carrying a lot of stuff that isn’t ours. Our society is wounded. 

Our values are wounded. We develop these coping mechanisms that are signs of our imbalances. 

You did not do anything wrong. You are not flawed.

So Many Coping Mechanisms 

Early in life, we develop a set of coping mechanisms that allow us to function in these very broken energetic patterns. 

These coping mechanisms could be emotional eating, addiction, or hyperactivity of the central nervous system. This then develops into health problems such as adrenal fatigue, chronic viral infections, chronic bacterial infections, chronic fatigue, etc.   

From this, physical ailments, emotional ailments, disconnection from your intuition, disconnection from your purpose, and lack of embodiment result.

None of these things is anything you did wrong. 

You were born into a system that didn’t support being fully embodied in the present moment. 

Our system isn’t based on compassion, faith, or surrender.

Perhaps you got some of this in your family upbringing or religious patterns that you were born into, but unfortunately, a lot of the religious teachings are fairly broken or manipulated. 

So, we are just coping with the set of circumstances and the wounded inner child. 

What is Wrong with Me?

Nothing is wrong with you. Read that again.

A piece of our soul is stuck in the trauma of the past. 

There is nothing wrong with us if we have ADD, ADHD, social anxiety, or we feel like we can’t find our thing in life. 

It’s not your fault. It’s not your parents’ fault. 

That’s what lightworkers are here to change.

That change happens one person at a time.

Coming Back to the Truth of Who You Are

Your job is to become more aligned with the truth of who you are. 

When you come back to the truth of who you are and you heal the inner child, you heal those wounds.

Then, you start to move those traumas out of your tissues, and you can come back to the truth of who you are in the present moment.

Riding the Highs and Lows

You come back to center, rather than swinging from one extreme to the next. 

Most of us feel like we are riding highs and lows swinging on a pendulum. 

You can find alignment and get centered. There is peace in the present moment. 

You release trauma that’s held in your DNA, and you no longer carry it forward for yourself or your ancestors.

Nothing is Wrong with Me Take-Aways

I used to think I was strange and different. I thought everyone else was happy and living their best life, and I was just a weirdo. 

The truth is we are all weirdos. 

We are all unique and different and we need to honor this. 

This starts with doing your inner healing work.

You are a beautiful, powerful, co-creator of your reality.

As you become more empowered and embodied, you’ll become more connected to your intuition. 

Remember, there is nothing wrong with you.

You’ll become magnetic and unleash your powers. You’ll be guided by your higher self and spirit.

That may seem far away, but the first step is to realize that you are a beautiful extension of Source. 

I hope that resonated with you and gives you clarity and empowerment about who you are!

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