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This post shares how eating healthy should be joyful. You can heal through the power of nutrition, but be careful of negative emotions because they affect your health.

Remember the Marie Kondo phase a few years back? Everyone went crazy going through their belongings, feeling into whether or not those items brought them joy.  

Marie Kondo was onto something, for sure.

Joy has got to be a part of our lives!

When we get too engrossed with the healing power of nutrition, it’s easy to lose sight of joy.

With all the shopping, chopping, juicing, and blending, people start working really hard at healing.

Then This Happens…

Then, all these negative emotions start to creep in.

You might start to feel like your life revolves around the kitchen.

Maybe you start to feel like you are spending all your money on supplements.

You may start to feel isolated because you are no longer going to events at your friends’ homes, or maybe you are depressed that you’re not ever eating out.

When you start to feel all these negative emotions, that affects your overall health. You are not healing any faster.


Because the feeling of working too hard and the feeling of sacrificing too much are keeping you in a low-energy vibration.

When you are in a low energy vibration, you tend to be in force. This is the modern day hustle mentality that we have been almost trained to be in.

It’s an overly masculine energy, where you feel like you have to work more, spend more, give up more time, give up sleep, etc.

This is not how we are meant to live life! Eating healthy should be joyful.

Eating healthy should be joyful - negative emotions affect health

How to Steer Away from Force

We are meant to slow down, we are meant to enjoy, and we are meant to do the things that are really meaningful.

Things that are going to shift the energy. Things that will put us in the trajectory of where we want to go.

No matter what your day involves, rather than do 100 things that move you a millimeter, do 5 things that move you 25 feet.

This is going to be a much easier and better way to reach your destination.

How to Pull from the Magic of the Universe

Joy has got to be a part of it.

When we move into these higher vibration emotions – joy, love, peace, compassion, enlightenment, then we are actually working from our intuition.  

We are working from the power of the universe, which is infinite.

Amazing, right!?

In contrast, when we are pushing, forcing, working, or when we are feeling sad, depressed, isolated, or like you will never heal, you need to realize that you are in force.

These are low vibration emotions.

In the lower vibration emotions, you are accessing the power of your adrenals.

Your adrenals are tiny glands that sit on top of your kidneys. Although they are a powerhouse in your body, we overly use them because we are all overly using masculine energy living in force all the time.

How Exactly Does This Work?

You have got to elevate your vibration, your emotion, and your spirit to get you into your power, so you can access the power of the universe.

When we start working with the power of the universe, then we are channeling energy through all of our chakras.

We are clean, we are clear, and we are crisp.

We know exactly what the most important thing we need to do to move us toward our destination is, rather than doing 100 things that are only moving us a millimeter.

The Big Secret?

Focus on joy. When we get into the higher vibration emotions, the strain on the physical body drops dramatically.

You are now able to channel divine energy and can use that to propel you in the direction you want to go.

When you reduce the stress and load on your adrenals, your emotions become more balanced, your blood sugar becomes more stable, your anxiety drops, and your immune system becomes more activated.

No matter the symptoms, pathogens, or issues you are dealing with, your immune system is going to be more effective at bringing them down when you are in a higher vibration.

You are also going to digest your food better.

This is huge because you get more nutrition and more vitality out of your food when your adrenals are not in force.

Why Are We Not In Joy?

We have spent so much time in force. It’s the world we are living in.

Additionally, some of us have been programmed to be in fear of not doing all the things –  not taking enough supplements, not making everything homemade, and not being able to trust restaurants.

That doesn’t mean to go out and eat cheap pizza or fast food because that is not going to help you. Yet, you can find a place where you can get a decent meal and go in a state of love and joy.

It’s okay if there’s something you don’t normally eat in your meal, such as canola oil. The benefit of being in the state of joy, having fun, and connecting with people is much more powerful to your healing than the little bit of canola oil.

Of course, if you have a high toxic burden or high level of pathogens, you have to be careful. Yet, when you go with the intention of being in your highest vibration, I find most people do pretty well.

You can also call on the Angel of Disarmament to disarm any harmful compounds that are in your food.

You can call on the Angel of Enrichment to enrich your food and make it as nourishing as possible.

Don’t forget your own power. Say a prayer over your food, and infuse your own healing energy into it. Be in that vibration.

We do not need to live in fear or force. Remember, eating healthy should be joyful and happy.

How Do We Get Back to Joy?

When you are in high vibration emotions, life becomes easier. It’s a choice that we make every day.

A lot of us don’t realize that we choose our thoughts – we have conscious control over them. If you can begin to witness your thoughts and witness your emotions, you can make a great change.

Maybe you didn’t even realize you were in such a level of fear, contraction, or restriction.

Yet, fear compounds and causes us to contract our aura. This can cause us to become devoid of joy in our life.

Pay attention to you. Watch your thoughts, watch your body. What is it feeling like? Does this feel good? Healing should feel good.

It doesn’t mean that there aren’t times of detox systems or flares. Overall, you should feel like you are doing the right thing for you because going plant-based and eating healthy should be joyful.

Up and Up and Up

At times, you may feel like you are moving through shadow. As you are moving this energy out, you will feel freer and lighter.

Your vibration will continue to rise. You’ll become more connected to your intuition and more connected to your life mission.

When you become in alignment and in higher vibration, everything changes.

Pathogens cannot reside in your system when you are in a high vibration. Toxins move out of your system more easily and more freely.

Your emotions are a tool. They are a guidance system, value, and benefit rather a than a burden and baggage system.

Intrigued by the Concept of Force?

If you are interested more in the idea of how our emotions affect our wealth, health, relationships, and desires in life, there’s a book called Power vs. Force by David Hawkins.

It’s a scientific book dedicated to how he measured how emotions affect your energy field.

There is no doubt that negative thoughts and emotions affect your health. On the flip. positive emotions influence your overall health too.

One Big Take-Away

Just like Marie Kondo’s idea of keeping items that bring you joy and ditching those that don’t is a simple concept that makes a lot of sense, so is this!

Healing is meant to be joyful! The healing power of nutrition is amazing. You are doing the incredible work of healing your body – it should feel good!

When you are on this beautiful path of plant-based eating, you can’t let yourself get caught up in the stress of doing all the things in the perfect way because healing won’t be joyful anymore. You can heal with food, but you also want to be in happy place with your healing.

Look at the spaces in your life where you are contracting or withholding. Ask yourself where is the joy missing and where can I bring it back.

It may be going out to eat, it may be visiting a friend, it may be cutting back on how much work you give yourself, it might remembering to put music on, dancing, or singing in your car.

Bring more joy in because it’s going to move the energy and facilitate your healing on a mind, body, and spirit level.

Notice what brings joy.

Reach for it.

Bring it back because healing and eating healthy should be joyful.

I’m sending you all the joyful energy and wishing you the highest vibrations.

Eating healthy should be joyful - negative emotions affect health

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