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Manifesting Your Desires During Painful Times

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This post shares how manifesting your desires during hard times can be truly transformational.

Have you ever found yourself in a place of complete hardship? A time where everything felt impossible?

Have you ever broken down emotionally and you didn’t know how things could possibly get better?

In those trying times, the Universe was giving you “the squeeze.”

“The squeeze” is painful. It sucks. BUT. This pain exists in order to move you into a better place in your life.

As much as we want to avoid pain, there is true power in manifesting your desires from a place of pain.

The “Universal Squeeze”

If we never experienced pain, we would never move or grow. We are capable of so much more than we realize.

Oftentimes, we cannot see this. The Universe – God, Source, or Higher Power, has a much greater vision than we can see for ourselves.

This is especially true if you are a lightworker, someone who is here to help raise the vibration of the planet in your own unique way.

In order to get us moving, we have to feel some discomfort.

The longer we ignore the discomfort, pushing it down or numbing it, the stronger that pain becomes as a motivator.

Here's how to manifest your desires during challenging times.

The Power of Manifesting During Challenging Times

What can you do when you hit a very painful point in your life?

Use it as a personal message from the Universe.

Start manifesting your deepest desires, and you’ll see change start to happen.

You may be thinking, is it the best time to manifest? I just want to get through this.

Yes! This is one of the most powerful times to manifest what you DO want because you are so raw in what you DON’T want.

First, being aware that there’s so much more that you are capable of can be transformational.

From there, use these steps in challenging times to quickly start manifesting your desires.

Manifesting Step 1 – Identifying Your Present Feelings

Really feel into what it is that you don’t want.

Are you feeling lonely, isolated, stressed, overwhelmed, angry, fearful, etc?

I am feeling _____.

Examples: I am feeling hopeless and disconnected. I am feeling fearful and anxious all the time. I am feeling too dependent on others. Or, I am feeling irritated and bitter.

Identifying your present feelings helps you to pinpoint where you currently are.

Manifesting Step 2 – Getting Clear On What You Want

Based on the feelings you don’t want, get clear on what you do want.

I want to feel _____.

Examples: I want to feel healthy and confident. I want to feel relaxed and present. I want to feel loved, understood, and empowered. Or, I would love to feel independent and financially free.  

Making clear statements on how you want to feel will help you write your intentions.

Manifesting Step 3 – Creating Specific Intentions that You Desire

Get really specific about what you do want in your life.

Don’t worry about the details of how you will get to what you desire.

Your job is only to dream up what would nourish your soul and allow you to spread light in the world.

I want _____.

Examples: I want a supportive partner who listens, always shows up, and treats me like a queen. I want financial freedom, $50,000 in my savings account. How amazing would it be to buy all organic food at my local market. I want the kitchen of my dreams that supports me in nourishing my family. I want a beautiful organic garden and the time to tend to it. One of the things I would love is a healthy body that allows me to support my family, follow my dreams, and feel alive in the world. I want to quit my job and start my own successful business.

The sky is the limit with your manifestations. You can manifest love, money, a new home. Be very specific when you are writing your intentions.

Manifesting Step 4 – Visualizing & Feeling All the Feels

Once you are clear on your desires, the next step (and probably the most important step!) is to feel into what it would be like to achieve those dreams.

How would it feel to run that marathon, have the baby, meet the spouse of your dreams, start that business?

Really visualize your dream – and feel everything that comes up.

The more you feel into what it is that you desire – while also letting go of the need to control how, when and where it comes – the quicker it will be yours.

The gratefulness of no longer worrying about money.

The amazing feeling of cooking dinner for your family in your dream kitchen.

How the sun feels as you’re laying on the beach.

The rush of finishing a 5k.

Really feel it!

Here's how to manifest your desires during challenging times.

Learning From Negative Emotions

When you are visualizing what you want, negative feelings can come up.

The sadness of leaving a toxic relationship, the fear of starting again – whatever emotions come up, FEEL them.

Don’t suppress them. Don’t throw positive affirmations at them. Don’t pretend they aren’t there.

These negative emotions don’t mean that you should stay in that toxic relationship or that awful job, but you are allowed to feel sad, angry, or depressed over that chapter ending.

Negative emotions are here to guide us when we are out of soul alignment.

They tell us we are off track and it’s time to release that which is not serving our highest good. They are our guidance system.

When negative emotions show up, we know we are off track and it’s time to examine our course. They are a powerful and helpful tool, when we re-learn to use the emotions as our guidance system.

So, feel those emotions.  

Acknowledge them.

Let them move through you as they are meant to.

This is the beautiful part of manifesting your desires during hard times – you get to move through your emotions.

Manifesting Quickly

The quicker we feel the emotions and allow ourselves to experience them, the quicker they can be used for their true power and potential.

Next time you find yourself struggling with a painful point in your life.

Remember, you will get through it. You have what it takes.

Remember to feel those negative emotions and let them help you reexamine your course.

Lastly, and most importantly, use these painful times to manifest what you truly want.

The Universe is squeezing you for a reason – it’s time to grow.

Use that pain and turn it into something so beautiful.

If you’re feeling the squeeze and would like a little more help or guidance, I love giving spiritual readings. Check out my Work with Rachel page.

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