Here’s the Complete List of Medical Medium Angels

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This post shares the complete list of angels identified by the Medical Medium.

Angels Identified by Medical Medium

Medical Medium provides an immense amount of advice from Spirit regarding food, supplements, and physical healing. What is often overlooked, but no less important is the information on emotional and spiritual healing.

One key aspect of emotional and spiritual healing is deepening your faith and calling on the Angels for support.

For quick reference, I have compiled a list of all the Angels identified by Medical Medium. Call on these Angels out loud and frequently to support you on your healing journey!

The 21 Essential Angels

From Medical Medium: Secrets Behind Chronic & Mystery Illness

Angel of Mercy
Call upon her in your darkest hour. The most powerful angel – even more so than the archangels. She battles darkness.

Angel of Faith
If you make calling upon her a daily practice, the rhythm will help you transition the habit into full-blown conviction. Tell her you are finally ready.

Angel of Trust
For help when you’re struggling to recover from a betrayal.

Angel of Healing
To provide temporary relief and/or to heal a loved one. (For long-term healing, you must call on other angels to help build you up to a point where you can heal yourself.)

Angel of Restitution
Helps you recover from emotional trauma and resolve deep-seated issues.

Angel of Deliverance
When you’re going through an earthly judgment (e.g. filing for divorce). Helps free your soul from the imprisonment of fear and anger, and from the injury of deception.

Angel of Sun: When you’re in the sun to open up your body’s cells so they fully take in the healing power of the rays.

Angel of Light
When you need to be bathed in restorative angelic light given to her by God. More powerful than any light on earth and more powerful even than the light of the sun.

Angel of Water
Changes the frequency of the water you bathe in to make it more cleansing, nourishing, and grounding. If you’re soaking a wound, she can quicken its healing.

Angel of Air
After a frustrating encounter such as an argument. She cleanses the negative vibration that was passed onto you. Her special, purifying energy will change the frequency of the air around you to promote harmony. Changes your frame of mind.

Angel of Purity
Call on her when you want to rid yourself of addiction.

Angel of Fertility
To aid in conception and carrying a baby to term.

Angel of Birth
For the health of mother and child during delivery.

Angel of Peace
To heal mental distress and bring seeds of hope and positivity.

Angel of Beauty
Call on her when you feel closed off to the beauty of nature. She opens you up to appreciate and absorb your surroundings in powerful ways you didn’t think possible. Also, when a romantic partner is obsessed with talking about people’s physical appearance, when a coworker’s good looks have turned him vain, or when someone else earns all the attention and adoration. She can shift people’s mindsets to recognize the true beauty of a shining soul.

Angel of Purpose
When you’re struggling with your purpose here on earth. Or when you’ve lost confidence in something or everything.

Angel of Knowledge: When a loved one needs advice and you’re at a loss. When you need information or advice for yourself and don’t know where or how to find it.

Angel of Wisdom: For guidance when you’re about to make an important decision.

Angel of Awareness: When you need to be fully in the moment, present and mindful. Also, if you want the people around you to be less judgmental and better communicators, she helps open their minds.

Angel of Relationships: When you’re having a problem with your spouse or someone you’re dating, or if you’re single and looking for a good match.

Angel of Dreams: She can enter your dreams and help you sort out and resolve emotional turmoil. When you want to experience soul freedom in your dreams.

Unknown Angels
Don’t have names. 144,000. They work on you while you sleep to restore body and soul. Call upon them to aid in your healing and rejuvenation as you slumber – can be life-changing when dealing with chronic illness. Can ask for just one or for a group of three or four to work together.

The 12 Life Changing Angels

From Life Changing Foods

Angel of Disarmament
When you have to eat produce you know has been sprayed with synthetic pesticides and/or herbicides, or may be contaminated by GMO crops.

Angel of Abundance
For growing your own food and hope for bountiful crops.

Angel of Provision
Her job is to route food to people who are undernourished or starving.

Angel of Enrichment
Enhances the nutrition of the Holy Four, amplifying the strength of phytochemicals, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients and tailoring them specifically to your needs.

Angel of Harmony
When you want to become one with your food and enhance mindful eating. She will also help eliminate food- and eating-related pain from your past.

Angel of Synchronicity
She synchronizes all the processes that need to happen for food to grow. Call upon her when you need assistance to understand how to care for your food plants, or when you’re foraging for wild food and want to find the best specimens.

Angel of Habit
The Angel of Habit is wonderful for when you’re stuck in a rut of eating certain unproductive foods, or you have a picky eater you’re trying to help.

Angel of Addiction
The Angel of Addition is great to call on if you’re addictively drawn to the wrong foods or make a habit of overeating.

Angel of Solidarity
Call on her when you want friends, family, co-workers, and even restaurants to support you in healthy eating habits.

Angel of Honesty
For when you want to know if food really is free-range, wild-caught, organic, gluten-free, or to be sure it’s not genetically modified.

Angel of Insight
Call on her when you want the inspiration to eat more healthful food.

Angel of Mother’s Milk
Protects a new mother’s milk supply and allows for communication between mother and baby during breastfeeding.

From Thyroid Healing

Angel of Sleep
The Angel of Sleep is always there for you if you need her. Whenever you’re seeking guidance or comfort, speak her name aloud and ask for her help. She’ll aid you in your path to a better night’s sleep, whether because of a health issue or an emotional trial. On those nights when an unresolved issue is keeping you up, speak to the Angel of Sleep.

From Liver Rescue

Angel of Order
Brings order to diseased, inflamed, or otherwise weakened livers. Shrinking cysts and tumors and repairing damaged cells.

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