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What “Healing” Truly Means & How It’s Different From a Cure {Video}

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This post shares what healing brings. It highlights the difference between healing and a cure and the relation of healing to spiritual growth.

Many people are using the term healing to talk about their goals and what they want to do in terms of their physical health and their spiritual growth.

Healing Vs. a Cure

We have been programmed to believe that healing is the energy behind a cure. However, the true meaning of a cure is an immediate cessation of pain or suffering.

The programming has us believe that if we take a pill, our pain is gone. If we do a certain therapy, our issue is completely resolved. This is a cure.  

On the other hand, healing is not placing a band-aid on an issue. It is getting into the deeper core of why an issue is there. Healing is a much longer, more gradual process because you are really treating the issue.

Healing is non-linear. You might go three steps forward and two steps back. You are making progress each step of the way, even if you feel that you aren’t.

There’s a lot more to healing than just your symptoms getting better. There’s a process involved.

Part of that process is learning to manage all the ups and downs that come along the way. Part of healing is the emotional and spiritual growth as you learn to navigate the ups and downs of it.

What Healing Brings

A cure doesn’t really bring us growth – it brings us relief. However, what healing brings is so much more.

  • The ability to grow
  • Spiritual expansion
  • Tools to navigate life in a more powerful way
  • Polarity – so we can really experience what we don’t want in order to more efficiently and effectively co-create with the universe what we do desire.

Healing can be difficult, and I don’t know that there’s an end to healing and what healing brings. At what point are you completely finished unloading your emotional body?

It’s okay that there isn’t a finish line. That’s part of the human experience. We are not only here to grow and expand in our lifetime, but to grow and expand our souls for multiple incarnations and many different spaces, times, and planes.

We want to embrace the real value in healing and let go of the idea that there is a cure. However, sometimes people feel a quantum shift and can experience quick results, but for the most part, it’s a slow grind.

It’s a daily commitment to juicing, it’s a daily commitment to eating raw fruits and vegetables, and it’s a daily commitment to meditation – observing your inner thoughts, your inner dialogue, and your inner energies.

These are processes that we have to work through and cathartically expand through in order to reach higher levels of consciousness, emotional maturity, and greater levels of physical health.

Finding the Answers in You

We’ve been trained to use the logical brain and externally search for some thing, some person, some program that’s going to “cure” us, only to find it’s about turning inward and realizing that healing comes from inside.

Yes, we need mentors, we need guides, and we need people who can help us see from a different vantage point. Additionally, we need healing foods. We need to care for our physical vessel, but healing comes from inside.

If we can nurture the body and the soul, and if we can start to listen to the internal messages, we will find that’s where true healing comes from.

That’s how you become your own healer.

You rely less on external sources because you know what you need to do to move through physical issues, emotional issues, spiritual issues, and any life circumstances.

Getting Stuck While Healing

Along the way, we can get stuck.

We can get caught up in future-tripping, which creates a lot of anxiety. What if this happens? What if that happens? I don’t know if this can heal…

We also get caught in the past – I wish I did that differently. Why did that happen? Why did I have to go through that? I’m a victim. I’m being punished.

We create this anxiety about the future and this depression about the past, and it pulls us out of the present moment.

The most important thing for healing is to come back to the present moment and have gratitude for where we are regardless of external circumstances.

We need to cultivate an internal awareness of our body environment. We need to become embodied in the messages that our body is sending us.

That is how true healing happens.

How Do I Know What’s Right For Me?

You can try different healing modalities, such as emotion code, EMDR, and tapping, and see what feels right.

When you do, you may find one healing modality extremely helpful for you.

Then, you may find another healing modality that works for a lot of people, but it doesn’t seem to be for you right now.

That’s the best way to figure out what your best method for healing is.

Turning Inward

So many people are going through a crisis of confidence. They don’t know if they can heal and are really terrified.

They are seeking externally to attempt to heal, but they need to turn inward.

It comes back to your daily practices, knowing that when you take care of yourself – physically, emotionally, spiritually, and do your spiritual work, you will heal.  

When you are soul-aligned and embodied in the moment, it’s impossible for you to not heal because your frequency is so high that your physical and emotional body is going to come along with it.

The Difference between Healing and a Cure - and what healing brings with Rachel Pelisson Healing

Connecting to the Scale of Consciousness

To bring this to the Scale of Consciousness by David R. Hawkins, if you are in the 3-D world of suffering, you are stuck in your physicality.

As you start to enter out of the 3-D world and into the 4-D world, you have trust and acceptance that you are more than your body. There is tremendous relief.

You enter through humility, admitting that you aren’t perfect and that you don’t have to have it all figured out.

What healing brings can be hard. When you witness your own fears, your own anxieties, and your own low vibrational emotions, these are the keys to unlocking deeper levels of healing.

How Do I Bring Healing?

Always remember to bring it back home.

Also, let go of the idea of a cure.

Let go of a finish line. There’s no finish line. It goes on – it’s part of the human condition. Learn to embrace it.

Realize that we are not perfect physically, emotionally, or energetically. That’s okay. Our job is to make small incremental improvements.  

Just keep doing the work. Keep showing up for yourself. Do your spiritual practices. Keep consuming organic fruits and vegetables.

Embracing the Mini-Lessons in Healing

If you are struggling with the idea that what you are doing isn’t working, know that it is working.

Part of what is coming up for you is that you are looking for a cure, a quantum shift, and you are bypassing all the little mini-lessons that are coming in between.

When you skip those mini-lessons, you end up falling back down. It makes the journey more difficult.

Start to embrace those mini-lessons and as you conquer those, you actually are shortening your timeline for healing. You bring the space where you have relief closer.

Keep exploring the things that excite you. Keep focusing on the feelings you want to have.

You want to feel confident, empowered, and joyful. Focus on that, and all the healing that needs to shift will come up. It’s painful, messy, and not easy.

Personally, I’ve been through tremendous spaces of growth – there is a real power in doing that. It’s a lifelong journey and the deeper you go, the more there is to release.

Every step of the way is absolutely worth it. As you move up the Scale of Consciousness, life becomes easier.

You are less attached to your emotions, you are freer, and you are more connected. You are more surrendered, you are more trusting, and you are more easily able to co-create and manifest.

What healing brings is truly worth every single step.

Let go of that expectation and start to embrace the beauty in the process of healing. The more you do that, the quicker the healer comes to you.

Sending you all my love!

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