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What Your Ascension Symptoms Really Mean

Here’s what your ascension symptoms really mean along with their relation to DNA activation and collective healing. Are you feeling it too? The energy is very intense right now. Many of my clients, friends, family, and I are definitely feeling it. First, there are some pretty wild things going on astrologically. Saturn is in…(Read More)

This post shares how to overcome emotional triggers and what those triggers secretly revealing to you and your healing. “That’s such a trigger for me.” “I always find myself triggered when I see him.” “You shouldn’t have said that – you know that’s a trigger for me.” There’s a lot of heated…(Read More)

This post shares the best books for emotional and spiritual healing, reinforcing the mind-body connection and its power in healing. I love to find out absolutely everything I can about any topic that strikes my interest. Being such an avid researcher, I’ve read dozens and dozens of books on healing. In doing so…(Read More)

This post shares how to overcome your self-limiting beliefs that you’ve engrained and start manifesting the life you’ve desired. I’m too old. I’m too sick. I am not educated enough. I could never make that much money. Does your inner dialogue sound anything like this? This isn’t just innocent…(Read More)

Healing and Eating Healthy Should Be Joyful

This post shares how eating healthy should be joyful. You can heal through the power of nutrition, but be careful of negative emotions because they affect your health. Remember the Marie Kondo phase a few years back? Everyone went crazy going through their belongings, feeling into whether or not those items brought them joy. &nbsp…(Read More)

This post shares: How manifesting your desires during hard times can be truly transformational. Have you ever found yourself in a place of complete hardship? A time where everything felt impossible? Have you ever broken down emotionally and you didn’t know how things could possibly get better? In those trying times, the Universe was…(Read More)

Medical Medium Angels


Angels Identified by Medical Medium Medical Medium provides an immense amount of advice from Spirit regarding food, supplements, and physical healing. What is often overlooked, but no less important, is the information on emotional and spiritual healing. One key aspect of emotional and spiritual healing, is deepening your faith and calling on the Angels for…(Read More)

I’ve gotten a lot of requests asking what my toddler eats on Medical Medium protocols. I’m sharing the most important foods for kids and a sample menu of what she (might) eat in a day. The Most Important Foods for Kids on Medical Medium Protocols: Fruit Many different varieties, colors, shapes, formsTons of…(Read More)

Are you considering going grain free? Eliminating grains has a number of benefits and can greatly support healing, especially if you are dealing with health issues caused by strep bacteria. Health conditions caused by strep bacteria: If you’ve ever had sinusitis, ear infections, UTI’s, bacterial vaginosis, cystitis, styes, sore throat, cystic acne, bloating…(Read More)

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