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This post shares: How manifesting your desires during hard times can be truly transformational. Have you ever found yourself in a place of complete hardship? A time where everything felt impossible? Have you ever broken down emotionally and you didn’t know how things could possibly get better? In those trying times, the Universe was…(Read More)

Medical Medium Angels


Angels Identified by Medical Medium Medical Medium provides an immense amount of advice from Spirit regarding food, supplements, and physical healing. What is often overlooked, but no less important, is the information on emotional and spiritual healing. One key aspect of emotional and spiritual healing, is deepening your faith and calling on the Angels for…(Read More)

I’ve gotten a lot of requests asking what my toddler eats on Medical Medium protocols. I’m sharing the most important foods for kids and a sample menu of what she (might) eat in a day. The Most Important Foods for Kids on Medical Medium Protocols: Fruit Many different varieties, colors, shapes, formsTons of…(Read More)

Are you considering going grain free? Eliminating grains has a number of benefits and can greatly support healing, especially if you are dealing with health issues caused by strep bacteria. Health conditions caused by strep bacteria: If you’ve ever had sinusitis, ear infections, UTI’s, bacterial vaginosis, cystitis, styes, sore throat, cystic acne, bloating…(Read More)

If you’re ready to dramatically shorten your healing time, a meditation practice is one of the best ways to make that happen.  Food is incredibly important in healing, but it takes more than food to make a major shift. That’s where a consistent meditation practice comes in. @import url(‘…(Read More)

Healthy Holiday Gift Ideas


If you’re looking for a meaningful gift that keeps on giving, you’re in the right place! Below, you’ll find some of my favorite holiday gifts to give (and receive!). There are gifts to support self-care, kitchen gadgets to make plant-based living easier, tasty food, restorative teas, and incredible healing services…(Read More)

Why do cold and flu happen more in the winter? Cold and flu can happen at any time of year, but we tend to associate the winter months with a higher incidence. Why? For one, we spend a lot more time inside swapping germs. We get less sunshine, which is deeply nourishing. (Plants are not…(Read More)

It’s so frustrating to start a cleanse, only to realize you are missing an ingredient. If you are considering doing the 3:6:9 Liver Rescue cleanse, I’ve done some of the legwork for you! Rather than making multiple trips to the store and still forgetting an integral item, use this preplanned 3…(Read More)

psoriasis and eczema

Does food really have an impact on psoriasis & eczema? The answer is 100% yes! Many people (self-included) have healed these conditions naturally with a plant based diet. Psoriasis and eczema are caused by a toxic liver, specifically an accumulation of pesticides and the heavy metal copper. Pathogens in the liver feed on these…(Read More)

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