What Your Ascension Symptoms Really Mean {Video}

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Here’s what your ascension symptoms really mean along with their relation to DNA activation and collective healing.

Are you feeling it too?

The energy is very intense right now. Many of my clients, friends, family, and I are definitely feeling it.

First, there are some pretty wild things going on astrologically. Saturn is in conjunction with Jupiter right now, which essentially means that the two biggest planets are getting very close together. That peaks on December 21, 2020.

These two planets are only in conjunction every 20 years.

Yet, what makes their proximity most interesting is that it’s the closest conjunction that the two biggest planets in our solar system have had in 400 years.

This means there are massive energy shifts happening.

Huge Collective Shift

We are going through a huge shift as the collective, as humanity on earth. If you are sensitive to energy or are doing inner work, you are going to feel this energy shift as you are more tapped in.

On a soul level, we carry an imprint of all of our lifetimes in our soul. Every incarnation, a lot of which include difficult times.

With this energy shift, we are clearing out old energy from our spirits, so we won’t move forward in this lifetime or future lifetimes with that dense energy.

For those that are awake and doing the inner work, we are the pioneers of this energy. We aren’t just doing this work for ourselves, we are doing this for the collective.

This includes clearing out low-density energy of the collective – oppression, fear, anger.

Familial & Generational Trauma

In order for you to be born, you need two parents, four grandparents, eight great grandparents, 16 second great grandparents, 32 third great grandparents, etc. If you go all the way to ninth great grandparents, that’s 2,048 ancestors. If you go a little further to 12 generations, you have 4,094 ancestors.

Your DNA is from those 4,094 people that lived over the last 400 years.

Think about how much trauma, pain, suffering, fear, and all of the low-density energy that was experienced by those people that lived in times where they didn’t have as much safety and security as we do now. That’s how much is in our system.

When we move energy out with emotion code or Reiki, we are also clearing familial karma and familiar generational trauma.

DNA Activation

There is an idea that our DNA is static. It’s viewed as a code for what color our hair is, what color our eyes are, and how tall we are.

In reality, our DNA is so much more than that. It comes from all those before us, and it holds information. It holds the pain and suffering from the previous generations. It’s similar to a microcosm of our Akashic records.

It’s an imprint of the entire universe, solar system, and Source energy. Just as the planets move and our energy moves, our DNA is also flexible and changeable.

You’ll see DNA change as people heal. DNA is also affected by our external environment. It’s most definitely not fixed or rigid.

Light Downloads

Downloading new information is also changing our DNA. Our DNA is upgrading with these new light codes.

If you have felt that your current reality is not what you want and that you want more love, joy, abundance, etc, that’s your DNA activating. You are being shifted into a new type of being on earth.

You can think of this as versions of yourself. Think about yourself at 13 years old, 18 years old, 25 years old, 30 years old. We evolve through these different generations.

Not only do we go through these changes on an individual level, but it’s happening on a collective too.

It’s also happening to us in pods. If you have a group of spiritual friends or are connected to a teacher, it’s happening in these groups too.

Ascension Symptoms

As the DNA is shifting and new vibrations are activating, physical symptoms can pop up. With these energetic changes, the physical body has to catch up.

The physical body is super heavy and dense and slow compared to source energy. Our bodies need time and space to catch up to these soul shifts that are happening super rapidly.

You may feel more tired, more fatigued, or more triggered. You may experience muscle pain. These are all ascension symptoms showing that your energy is shifting.

If you have these symptoms, slow down. Let the body catch up to the energy so your body can do the integration.

Remember, ascension is the process of raising your vibration and working to enlightenment.

Emotions Surfacing

As we are going through this shakeup, there is a lot of emotional turmoil coming up.

On a collective level and on an individual level, things have gotten messy for a lot of us – job changes, relationship changes, health changes.

You may find yourself crying over the past. You may find old traumas and memories surface. This is all good. It’s shaking it all up so we can move into a new vibration.

How to Manage Ascension Symptoms

  • Cry, release, and purge.
  • Rest.
  • Go easy on yourself.
  • Use essential oils and coconut oil.
  • Eat nurturing foods.
  • Take a salt bath or take a dip in the ocean or any body of water.
  • Spend time in nature
  • Spend time with animals.
  • Have grace for yourself as you do this intense soul work.

Remember, it’s all part of the release and upgrade.

Take solace too in knowing that when you are doing the inner work, you aren’t just healing yourself, you are healing the collective and releasing dense energy in your soul family. When you release dense energy, you release it from those who came before.

The healing work is about you, but it is also about your ancestors and the collective. We are shifting major vibrations.

When you get through the shifts happening with you, you’ll feel more clear and more alive.

Planet earth is evolving, and you are one of the souls that volunteered to help make the shift. Have a tremendous amount of self-compassion. You are a lightworker. You are a warrior.

I am sending the vibration that you will move through this as smoothly and easily as possible and that you will embrace the shifts and be guided toward the best way of healing and growth for you.

Don’t forget to say your prayers and call on your angels and Source – and ask for assistance in moving through this ascension process as smoothly as possible.

Last, remember that this is exciting! When the ascension symptoms pop up, just think you are moving and shifting – and be grateful for being one of the souls that get to do this extraordinary work.

All my love,


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