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When You Have a Huge Spiritual Mission & You Crack Open Working Through Shadow {Video}

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Are you feeling overwhelmed by your spiritual mission? We have a huge spiritual mission and that can mean getting completely overwhelmed at times.

Everybody hits walls sometimes. Even healers. 

This morning, I was so overwhelmed by my empathy and the amount of pain, suffering, and violence around and in us.

As an empath, lightworker, Starseed, bridger, and way-shower, I wonder how to best serve and shift this without taking it all on. 

Sometimes, I get pushed to these spaces so I can be reminded of how some people live all the time. I usually live in such a clean, clear energy field that I am usually in a high-vibrational space.

Yet today, I felt pushed and pushed until I broke.

That’s okay.

Let yourself break. Let yourself crack open.

You don’t want to keep getting pushed. You want to listen to these nudges before they push you off the cliff.

When You Have a Huge Mission Video

Even though it does feel dark now, this is not forever.

It is my hope that we make a big shift and come back to a greater level of unity than has ever been accomplished on this plane. We can come back into abundance for everyone – an abundance of love, resources, support, and sovereignty. 

That’s why we are here, and that’s why we get overwhelmed – because we have a huge mission.

We have a lot of shadow aspects to work through. Personal shadow, cultural shadow, collective shadow. It’s the only way to make change is to recognize the truth of what is happening. 

Just like this discomfort that I am feeling, we have this knowingness that we are moving toward a light-filled future. Things can seem dark right now because it’s always darkest before dawn.

People are awakening, and my role is becoming empowering the other healers.

I can only serve so many, and I’ve hit the max in terms of how many people I can serve.

I love helping people remember their gifts and step into their roles.

If you missed the Awaken Your Intuition meditation, be sure to watch it here!

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