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Here’s My Take on the Best Candidate: 3-D, 4-D, and 5-D Look {Video}

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Here’s my take on who is the ideal presidential candidate and how that relates to 3-D, 4-D, and 5-D consciousness. If you find yourself emotive about this topic, check out my recent post on triggers and their role in spiritual assignments.

One of my clients asked me who would have been best to win the presidential election in the US this year.

You might find my answer a bit surprising.

When asked who the best president would be, my answer is that it doesn’t matter.

3-Dimensional Perspective

When you live in the 3-dimensional world, it’s like living in the weeds. Most of us have been living in the 3-dimensional world for most of our lives because it’s all that we knew.

Looking at the world from the 3-D perspective, there is a lot of fear, limited resources, patriarchal rule, and competition.

It’s a painful place to live because we can only perceive what we can see in the moment. And, we’ve been programmed to believe in a lot of fear.

In the 3-dimensional world, the person who is our president is very pressing because we are very concerned with the “here and now,” fearful of what the future holds.

We are attached to the idea that we have some control over our reality. We think that our president coming, going, or being a different person will change our reality.

As you move up the Scale of Consciousness, your perception changes.

4-Dimensional Perspective

As you start to move into the 4-dimensional reality, you start to realize that your mind is a huge part of your life experience. We perceive things differently.

This is part of the mindfulness movement, where we look for the good and find gratitude in everything.

We have the ability to change our reality by changing our viewpoint and changing the chatter in our minds.

This is a lot more peaceful. You can talk yourself through things, and in every situation, you can find some good.

Relating to the presidential candidates and the 4-D perspective, they can each have some positives and negatives.

5-Dimensional Perspective

As you now move even further up the Scale of Consciousness, we begin to understand ourselves as spirits in human form.  

We start to understand how energy works in the world and how the matrix of our human earthly dimension works.

Also, we see how we can shift and change that energy to co-create the life we desire.

We begin to understand that multi-dimensions exist on the earth plane at the same time. Most fascinatingly, we get to choose which of those dimensions we give our energy to and participate in.

We can most definitely ascend to 5-D consciousness.

Rising Up

We go from a basic human understanding of existence, to the mind, and then to the spiritual world, which is more abstract and more difficult to explain.

When we get out of the weeds, or I like to say out from the treetops, we can start to look at things from a celestial perspective. This is 5-D consciousness.

The Age of Aquarius

Right now, we are moving into the Age of Aquarius and more people are awakening to their spirit as their true self. In this, you understand that there is more to life and existence than just what we see in front of us.

As you start to come up and really see the earth plane, you see we are moving into a more gentle, humanitarian time. A time filled with light that will serve humanity.

This is the direction is unstoppable no matter what forces get in the way.

You see, it doesn’t matter who is president. It may change some timelines. There may be more or less upheaval of the systems. However, regardless of who is in office, light is being shone on all of the darkness of our systems.

Pain Has Its Place

People do not wake up and decide to make changes unless they have a point of pain and discomfort.

Pain truly motivates humans.

Without pain, we don’t make a change, and we have to experience pain to wake up. That’s why a lot of us have gone through personal challenges.

Either president is going to create points of pain in their own way. So for me, it does not matter because with these multiple dimensions of reality on this earth plane, I choose to not get caught in the weeds of fear.

If you are getting caught, catch yourself. Acknowledge it, and take one step at a time up the Scale of Consciousness.

Keep that in mind that none of it really matters as long as you continue to do your inner healing work.

Continue to transcend your ego. Continue to create more light waves than dark waves. That is what matters.

This is a wave of 5-D consciousness and ascension that cannot be stopped no matter what.

I hope this brought you peace and clarity about where you are going.

Sending you so much love!

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