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8 Sneaky Ways Your Energy Field Gets Cloudy & How to Clear It {Video}

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Wondering how your energy field is getting cloudy? Rachel explains what is making your energy unclean, along with tools and meditations to help.

Having a clean energy field allows you to rely on your own sovereignty, your own soul vibration, and your own intuition.

When your energy field is clean, you can easily rely on your own inner guidance system to make decisions and guide you through life.

Yet, when we are making decisions from outside static, it’s difficult to make the right decision. There is external pressure and noise, which results in confusion.

When your energy field is clouded, it feels like you are swimming in murky water.

You want to be swimming through crystal clear tropical waters, where you can see everything beneath you.

What is Clouding Our Energy Fields?

There are several things that can cloud our energy fields. Being aware of these things can definitely help keep your energy clean.

Other People’s Energy

Other people’s energy is one of the biggest factors in clouding our own energy.

Have you ever had exciting news to share and you tell a friend – and that friend just brings you down?

Everyone has an opinion, and everyone loves to share their opinion.

Taking on others’ opinions is not staying true to ourselves.

If we are constantly allowing other people’s opinions, noise, views of the world to direct our attention and emotional state, it’s very difficult to make a decision from our heart space.

Programming & Conditioning

We’ve been implanted with all these programs, which we might not even realize. We tell ourselves things like:

I will never have the relationship of my dreams.”

I have to stay in this job because I couldn’t make enough money doing something else.

“She has it all. I could never be like her.”

This is programming that we tell ourselves (that can stem from things we’ve been told, especially in childhood), and it’s not doing us any good.

It makes us stay small, contained, and serve others’ agendas.

Collective Energy

The society we live in has certain norms and indoctrination. Our lives are supposed to follow a certain prototype or else we aren’t deemed as successful.

We go to school for K-12, then we go to college, then we get a “real” job, then we meet someone, then we get married, and then we have a family.

Anything that isn’t in this scope makes us feel like we are going against the grain, or can even make us the outcast of the family. That’s how strong the conditioning or programming is.

In actuality, you don’t have to do any of these things to be happy, successful, loved, or supported.

There is a lot of collective energy and collective programming out there. Right now, you can feel the collective energy. There are tremendous amounts of fear and uncertainty.

A lot of fear is coming out because these archaic, dark systems are breaking down. People are waking up to the collective programming right now, realizing they don’t have to follow what has been deemed as necessary or right.

Our Own Ego

Our own ego serves to keep us safe. However, it also keeps small, restricted, and afraid. When we are stuck in our ego, we are not in our own power.

The universal energy, or our higher selves, wants us to expand and experience all of the beautiful things that life has to offer. It doesn’t want us stuck in our fears.

On the other hand, the ego wants us to stay here, get smaller, conserve, and not take risks.

Our own ego can cloud our energy, if we get caught up in it.

Low Vibration Emotions

Along the same lines, low vibration emotions, such as shame, fear, and grief can cloud our energy fields.

These are dense, heavy, low vibration emotions that make it difficult to be free, open, and clear.

When we stuck in these emotions, we are stuck in cloudy water, and it’s hard to see the truth.

Trauma & Stress

When we go through any kind of trauma, which can be unavoidable, our energy field can get clouded.

Trauma activates the ego, and the ego, in turn, activates the nervous system.

In addition to trauma, stress will cloud your ability to make decisions also.

Body Out of Balance

When your body is out of balance, whether you are consuming low vibration foods or whether you are dealing with inflammation, your energy field can get clouded.

Inflammation and dense foods can all cloud your ability to see from a higher perspective. The clear energy field is all about seeing from a spiritual perspective.

Hidden Toxins

Toxicity in the body can definitely keep our energy field cloudy.

One such toxin is fluoride, which is not serving you. Fluoride calcifies your pineal gland. This is well documented in the medical field. That shuts off your center for intuition.

Synthetic fragrances are also very toxic. They clog the liver and trigger migraines. Unplug those air fresheners, get those synthetic fragrances out of your shampoo, your lotion, and your personal care products. Also, think about your cleaning products.

We are slathered in these chemicals all day, every day.

Cleaning up these hidden toxins can make a big difference.

These are the eight things that can cloud our body, energy field, and make us feel foggy and confused.

How Can I Clear My Energy Field?

If you want vibrant health, you have to get your energy field clean. Below are five amazing ways to keep your energy clean from dense energy, toxins, and anything else that is not serving you.


Grounding is an amazing way to recenter yourself and keep your energy clean. You can take all this dull, dense energy and send it down your grounding cord back to Mother Earth to be transmuted.

I have several meditations that all start with a grounding exercise. These are very powerful ways to clean your energy field.

Aura Cleansing & Chakra Clearing

Aura cleansing and chakra clearing meditations are also super powerful ways to create harmony and balance in your body.

Our bodies have chakras, or spiritual energy points, in our bodies. When these chakras are open and aligned, our energy is free-flowing.

Setting Boundaries & Letting Go of Relationships

This is a big one for many of us. Boundaries are the limits that we have for ourselves. We have to get ultra-fierce with our boundaries.

Do not let people dump their fear on you. Do not let people shove their agenda on you. Don’t let people attach energy cords and suck energy from you.

Pay attention to how people make you feel.

When someone is an energetic match or above, you are going to feel really good around them.

When someone is in a lower vibration, you aren’t going to feel good when you are around them. You will leave feeling depleted.

You are going to have to let relationships go as you move forward with your ascension process.

That’s where you’ll know you need boundaries. It’s unavoidable. Not everyone is on the same trajectory or same speed.

If you feel relationships ending, that’s a good thing. You are growing and making space for new relationships that are going to make you feel better.

Pay attention to your emotional state when around others, so you can stay in the cleanest, clearest energy field. That doesn’t mean that you won’t dip.

Let those dips guide you. “I gave too much energy here.” “I am not receiving what I had hoped for in this situation.”

Essential Oils, Salt Baths, & Crystals

Use self-care practices that feel really good to you.

Salt baths feel amazing. Use one or two cups of Epsom salt in your bath.

Essential oils are so powerful for elevating the mood and spirit. Open up a few of your essential oils and smell them. The ones that smell amazing to you are the ones your body would benefit from in that moment.

Crystals have the same effect.

High Vibrational Living Foods

Make sure you are getting high vibrational foods in your diet. Raw foods hold the highest vibration.

That doesn’t mean you need to do an overhaul, and go on a completely raw diet – but incorporate raw foods when you can.

For example, start your day with fresh juices. Incorporate raw fruits and veggies, frozen fruit, and leafy greens into your day.

All of those will elevate your physical body and help detox any chemicals and toxins that are sitting around.

You’ll Start to Notice a Difference

With energy clearing, there’s a lot you can do, and there’s a lot to become aware of.

However, just try to take one or two things and start to apply them and watch them.

You’ll see as you start to shift your vibration, you’ll get more clear.

You’ll see your external world start to responding to your internal world.

You can then consciously control your internal world and watch your external world completely change.

This is how we experience miracles in relationships, in healing, and in financial situations.

This is how we experience more joy and more love – and life gets really sweet.

Life is Meant to Be Beautiful

We are meant to enjoy our everyday interactions with the people we love. We are meant to travel to beautiful destinations and go in the ocean and watch the wildlife. And, we are meant to enjoy our food and cherish every bite.

When you clear your energy field, you’ll start to experience more joy and life gets easier.

Sending you so much love.

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