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Healing the Body and Soul with Andee Love {Video}

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This post shares an amazing interview with Andee Love that dives deep into the importance of healing the body and the soul.

Many of us silently suffer with physical symptoms stemming from chronic illness.

We spend so much time looking for the right way to fix ourselves.

From taking all the supplements to doing all the meditations, we look hard for the right answer.

This interview with Andee Love, an embodiment coach, shares the importance of putting in the physical work and the spiritual work.

Healing the Body and Soul

Andee shares her health and wellness story, which resulted in a lot of emotional symptoms, later manifesting into physical symptoms.

She suffered on both ends of the spectrum with chronic illness. At one point, Andee felt that her diagnoses became who she was. Then, she tried to completely ignore her suffering.

Her body was sending her symptoms that she was out of balance.

She had a major wake-up call, which moved her from the level of denial and resistance toward greater healing.

Letting Our Body Guide Us

It’s easy to get stuck in one camp or the other – just focusing on physical symptoms and not emotional healing.

Or, just focusing on emotional healing and ignoring the physical symptoms.

You can be eating a very clean diet and doing all of the supplements, and your stress could be through the roof. That negates the clean diet.

If you are using spiritual healing techniques, then you could be bypassing your issues if you aren’t addressing what is really wrong. That can bring physical symptoms.

Our bodies are amazing vessels that are meant to heal.

Our Bodies Naturally Heal

If you get a cut, the body knows what to do to heal itself. Yet, if you rub dirt in it and don’t take care of it, then it can get infected and will take longer to heal.

However, if you clean the cut and put a band-aid on it, the cut will heal faster. The band-aid didn’t heal it.

It healed itself.

We need to give the body the ideal environment for healing.

That doesn’t just mean eating the healing foods, nor does it mean just taking the right supplements.

Just meditating or therapy also isn’t enough.

It means doing it all, bringing everything together to give the body true healing.

Tuning Into Your Body’s Messages

You might have found your healing slow and stagnant.

However, when you start to look at your whole body and incorporate everything, you don’t need to be reliving the trauma over and over again.

You might not even need to be as strict with healing foods. You don’t have to let meditation take over.

The answer is balance.

Yet, when you find a balance that supports the body’s natural healing mechanisms, you’ll find true healing.

When you tune back into the messages that your body is sending you, miraculous healing comes in.

It’s so important that we get back into our bodies to help us to move through the emotional part of our journey and allow the energies to flow.

New Levels of Soul Growth

All of the aspects that we go through in life are all teaching tools. They push us to deeper healing and achieve another level of spiritual growth.

When you can start to see your own struggles as gifts, then it totally changes your vibration and the way you look at healing.

A little pain can come in physical form to push us to the next level.

Definitely check out the video with Andee Love. If you would like more support on your healing journey, I would love to work with you. Check out all of my healing packages.

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