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How to Transcend Fear & Enjoy the Present Moment {Video}

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Here’s how to transcend fear and starting living in each present moment. Learn why fear is there and how to overcome it in a beautiful, freeing way.

Fear is one of the leading things that hold us back.

It’s easy to get caught up in fears, especially when we’ve had past traumas, which we have all had.

However, there is freedom and beauty when you transcend fear.

What Fear Does

When we are holding a lot of fear in our energy field, in our body, and in our minds, it lowers our vibration.

Fear clouds our ability to make decisions from a space of soul alignment and from our true desires.

It also keeps us stuck in a space where we can’t move forward or live in the present moment.

Fear of the Unknown

Often times, we are fearful of the future. The fear of the unknown.

You might have some of the following fears. What is going to happen with my money? What is going to happen with my marriage? Or, what’s going to happen with my health?

When we are in this space, we are leaking energy into the future and into situations that don’t exist. We are creating a future reality that is not where we are right here or now.

Putting Fear into Context

Did you know that 99.9% of our fears about our future reality don’t actually happen?

Look back on your life and think about things that you were afraid of. As an example, I had a lot of money fears. Have I struggled with money at times? Yes. Did I end up bankrupt and homeless? No.

Think of fears that you have. Losing parents, losing a spouse, losing loved ones. Additionally, maybe you have fears about judgment, or how people will react to the changes you are making.

Remember, most of the time these things don’t ever happen.

Where Do Our Fears Come From?

Fears are false illusions of the future that we are creating in our own minds. We may be reliving past traumas and projecting those into the future.

So if we were hurt or judged in the past, we may be projecting that fear in the future. It’s a trauma response.

We are living in this heightened activation of the nervous system that is creating fear around the future.

Also, we may be receiving fear from external sources from the media. We may be experiencing fears from the collective.  However, they are one view of reality of where we are right here and right now.

There is an agenda behind what you see in the media. We have to learn how to unplug from these fears in order to come back to right here and right now.

Ask yourself these questions when you feel yourself headed toward fear. Where am I right now? Am I safe? Are my loved ones here?

No matter what your fears are, take an inventory of right here and right now.

Think Worst Case Scenario

Additionally, think about what if the worst thing happens? What if I go into financial ruin? What if I have to file for bankruptcy?

But, you know what?!

You would survive it.

You would rebuild your financial situation, and you would learn new tools.

Oftentimes, the hardest things we experience in life make us most powerful. They are the things that teach us the greatest lessons in life. Yet, they are part of our soul path, our soul context.

That’s what we came here to learn about.

In some way, we chose these experiences ahead of time. We chose to go through them because they are our greatest points of learning and ascension.

How to Transcend Fear

We have to learn not to let fear hold us back.

The thing with fear is that you have to look right at it. You have to get intimate with your fear. The only way out of fear is through fear.

Steps for Getting Acquainted with Your Fears

Thinking and journaling about the following can very eye-opening.

  • Get comfy and cozy with the fears. Don’t let fear take over, but ask why it is there.
  • Where do you feel it in your body?
  • Is this from a past experience? Is this just a false set of beliefs that my mind has created? Are these limitations based on what I feel I deserve?
  • Play out the worst-case scenarios, and trust you would make it through.

The only way to transcend fear is to get into, and realize it wasn’t so scary after all.

There were challenges, yet we learned, and we grew. Know that if you have to experience something like that again, you know so much better how to manage it.

Be Present in the Now

How would you behave right now if you knew the future? What would you do right now to enjoy what you have now?

By enjoying the present moment and releasing the fear, that’s how you raise your vibration and attract into your life what you desire.

That’s how you start to transcend the fear.

Remember to take time to find gratitude in the little things. Feel how amazing your body is. Enjoy the sun and nature. These things bring you back into the present moment.

Techniques such as Emotional Freedom Tapping (EFT) and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing) can also bring you back into your body at that moment.  Use the techniques that resonate with you.

You are a Sovereign Being

As you are going through your ascension process becoming awake and aware of the world, and as you start to unplug from the matrix, you start to realize that you don’t want to be a part of the agenda.

What you know as truth is changing. As you hold more light, you see the darkness more clearly. That can be scary.

As you start to see the truth, the thing to come back to is that you are a sovereign being and your vibration is the most important thing. That is the thing you have the most control over.

You have to constantly work with yourself every day, every hour, every minute, every thought. In those increments.

When doing this, you’ll recognize where you are emotionally and vibrationally.

Transcending Fear Take-Aways

Where is fear making decisions for you?

Start living your life in the present moment – from a space of grounded here and now, rather than leaking energy into the future.

Bring it back home to the present moment. Ground into your body.

Get out of the logic, thinking, and rational mind and get into the feeling body.

That’s the key to transcending fear.

I hope this makes you feel less fearful, more empowered, and excited that you can do this!

Sending you my love!

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