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Here’s What Ascension Means & Its Relation to the 5th Dimension {Video}

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This post shares what ascension means and how it relates to the 5th dimension. If you aren’t feeling yourself, check out my previous post on ascension symptoms.

There’s been a lot of change this year. It’s been a hard year for many. It’s also been a year of tremendous growth.

On both a personal and collective level, we are going through ascension.

What is Ascension?

Ascension is the process of transcending the ego and raising your vibration.

The ego is the little voice inside of you that creates a lot of fear and noise. While the ego serves to keep us safe, it also keeps us contracted and small.

In order for us to build more expansive, joyful lives, we have to transcend that fear voice. As you transcend fear, you raise your vibration.

Feeling Vibrations

Your body emits an electromagnetic energy field based on the emotions and vibration that you hold.

When you are in low vibration emotions, such as fear, shame, guilt, and anger, you emit lower vibration energy. This energy can actually be measured with scientific instruments.

When you are in higher vibration emotions, such as joy, love, and enlightenment, you emit higher vibrations from the body.

You can’t see vibrations with your eyes, but you can feel them.

For example, if you walk into a room and someone has been fighting, you can immediately feel the energy in the room.

That is your body reading the energetic field that is coming off of the people in the room. Or, it is your body reading the energy being held in that room because of the vibrations that the people are emitting.  

You are actually already familiar with an energetic field, but this might be a new way to think about it.

Transcending  Lower Vibrations

The goal is move out of the lower energy vibrations. As we do that, we move into higher dimensions, expand, and ascend.

The 3rd Dimension

The lowest vibrations are shame, guilt, and fear. When we live in these, we are in a 3-dimensional world.

In this world, we are victims of our circumstances, we are separate from other people, and we get stuck in negativity.

In this world, we have to work really hard to get what we deserve, and we have lots of false beliefs. Here, all we recognize is our body.

You can get relief from these lower human emotions that feel awful.

Ascension is the process of moving up the scale.

The 4th Dimension

As you move into the 4th-dimensional world, you are starting to realize that there is energy involved. This is the 4th dimension of existence.

The body is not ourselves, but our mind is ourself.

We become more self-empowered, more positive, and things happen more easily.

The 5th Dimension

The goal is the 5th-dimensional world, as this is the quantum field. Here you move into unconditional love, joy, and enlightment.

We start to connect to our soul, which is our higher self. You start to realize that energy that comes from God, Source, Creator, and you are an extension of that.

In the 5th-dimensional world, we are more than our body, more than our mind – we move into an expanded self-consciousness.

Living in Higher Vibrations

Our process is to move through this ascension and really change the way we view our world.

As we ascend, we can call in a lot of beautiful energy and miraculous support in our life. We can fully transcend our ego voice.

There are forces in this world that don’t want us to ascend. They want us to be afraid, controlled, and blindly follow the rules and rhetoric.

When we ascend, we are unable to be controlled because we no longer live according to fear. We live according to our intuition.

The beautiful thing is that as a collective, we are moving out of this fear-based, controlled-based system into the Age of Aquarius.

The Age of Aquarius is much more 5D, communal, environmentally focused. There’s less hard work and hustle.

We can create the life we desire, as old systems and structures start to crumble.  

Rise of the Divine Feminine

Another beautiful thing about this era is that women become more empowered and enlightened than ever before.

We are coming back into our divine feminine energy.

Women have been labeled and held down, so we can’t access that divine intuition that we have.

Our sexuality has been controlled and shamed. We’ve been labeled and judged when we speak up or “make a fuss.” Going back many years, we’ve been labeled as witches.

This is an amazing time where women come back into their own.

Historical Patterns

From an astrological perspective, Saturn and Jupiter are conjunct at 0 degrees. They conjunct in 20-year cycles, and 200-year cycle, and 800-year cycles.

Right now, they are the closest they’ve been in 800 years.

The last time they were this close, it was the end of the Dark Age and the beginning of the Renaissance.


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Making a Big Shift

As you can see, feel, or innately know, we are rebirthing individually and globally.

We are ascending on an individual level – processing past trauma, working through generational patterns, releasing trapped emotions, learning more about natural healing modalities, such as herbs, energy healing, and oils.

We are also ascending as a collective. That is part of why COVID showed up this year. If we don’t move into a globally communal, environmentally-friendly way of living, the planet wouldn’t survive.

We are all moving.

We are moving into a more peaceful, spiritual era and it’s going to be a really big shift over the next 20 years.

If you are feeling this call to do healing work, heed that call. Keep following the things that light you up and get you excited.

Also, keep recognizing where systems and programming are trying to keep you fearful and stuck in the paradigm. There will be more autonomy and more humanitarianism. I am extraordinarily happy to see where this life goes.

There are a lot of steps and a lot of inner work, but this is the goal.

Feeling better, living better, and taking care of our fellow mankind better.

Healing our minds, our bodies, our souls.

Here's what ascension means and its relation to 5D

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