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Awaken Your Divine Feminine Energy with this Amazing Healing Meditation {Video}

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This post shares how to awaken your divine feminine energy with this channeled healing meditation.

Remember the sassy, spunky, fun, sexy, spontaneous version of yourself?

Have you lost touch with her?

Most of us have.

The good news is that she’s still in there and she can’t wait to be expressed!

This channeled healing meditation focuses on activating your divine feminine energy. The topic is Invoking Your Inner Goddess.

This channeled healing will help you strengthen your connection to divine feminine energy!

We live in a society dominated by masculine energy. It is detrimentally lacking in the balance of feminine energy and that has pushed many of us into adrenal fatigue, neglect of self-care, disconnection from our intuition, and a deficiency of joy.

This channeled healing meditation will help call that fierce, yet nurturing Goddess energy back into your life!

If you’ve never meditated before, that is okay! You can sit or lay down, and just follow along with the guided prompts.

Invoking Your Inner Goddess Meditation

Below is the channeled healing meditation that will help you awaken your divine feminine energy, helping you to bring out the goddess that you are!

Referenced in the meditation are these Divine Feminine Oracle Cards. The creator also wrote this book on Mary Magdalene.

Essential Oil Ritual

In the meditation, I share the essential oil ritual that helps me channel and get in the frequency of the information I want to receive. I’m also sharing it below for your reference.

I always use Frankincense and Clary Sage when I do any kind of meditation or channeled work. This is my baseline ritual that gets my body ready.

My body knows when it starts smelling the Frankincense, which I put on my third eye, and the Clary Sage, which I put on my throat chakra, that it’s time to do energy work.

Frankincense is the oil of truth, and Clary Sage is excellent at activating intuition – clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience, and claircognizance.

I also use Melaleuca or Tea Tree Oil, which energetically is the oil of boundaries. This helps to establish a safe container, where the information coming in is of the highest vibration of love and light.

Then, for today’s goddess meditation, I chose a few more oils. The first is Magnolia. This is a flowery oil. It’s the oil of compassion that will help connect to the goddess energy. I’ve been loving this on my heart chakra lately.

I also chose Myrrh, the oil of mother earth. It’s very important to stay grounded to mother earth. Last, I chose Petitgrain, which is the oil of ancestry. It’s so important to honor all of the women, matriarchs, and all of the divine women that came before us.

If you want to read more about how to use essential oils, here is a great essential oil book.

Powerful Divine Feminine Energy

Feel free to do this meditation as often as you’d like!

I’ve been working with my divine feminine energy so much this year, and I’ve been feeling so much more freedom, more ease, and more ability to receive.

There’s an inner goddess that lives within all of us, and this meditation is perfect for reactivating that nurturing yet fierce energy.

If you loved this meditation, here is a recent one I did on healing physical illness.

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Awaken the goddess within yourself! This healing meditation will help reactivate divine feminine energy.

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