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Why It Isn’t Good to Be Vulnerable & What To Do Instead {Video}

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Is being vulnerable a bad thing? Find out why and what you can do instead.

Often we hear how important it is to be vulnerable. There is so much pressure about vulnerability, especially in healing communities. 

I want to challenge this.

What is Vulnerability?

Is being vulnerable a bad thing?

By definition, vulnerability is the state of being exposed to the possibility of being attacked or harmed. When you are vulnerable, you are susceptible to physical or emotional attacks or harm. 

Therefore, being vulnerable is not safe because you are opening yourself up in a space where you could be harmed.

Importance of Safe Space

There is this pressure to be vulnerable. However, in reality, we just want a safe space to go deeper into our truth. Places that we have not accessed, that we have not healed, that are still aspects of a wounded child. 

My vision is to find and create safe spaces where you can really go deeper into your own truth. 

Spaces where you can crack yourself open and really dig into your shadow work.

The only way to do that is in a safe space. When you are in a safe space, you are not vulnerable. You are held, supported, and safe. 

Healing Through Safe Spaces Versus Vulnerability

When you are in a safe container, the ability to go deeper and be more raw and honest will just naturally happen. 

It’s a beautiful thing when it happens naturally. I have clients say things like this all the time: 

I swore I would never talk about this. 

I’ve never been able to go this deep before. 

This is so old – I can’t believe this is coming up.

There is safety in being able to access these spaces. Whereas in other places, you would be vulnerable, and you could be hurt. 

People can judge you, attack you, and steal energy from you.

Yet, if you are in a space where you trust the people around you, you might feel compelled to share, knowing it feels right. 

It will still feel uncomfortable. When you first crack it open, it’s painful. 

Yet, once you expose it and release the energy, you are no longer carrying as much of that burden as you were.

Shift Away from Vulnerability

Don’t force vulnerability. Ask and pray for safe spaces to go deeper into your own healing and your own truth. 

You will just know when you are in a safe space. It could be one person, a group, or your own self.

When you shift away from vulnerability and toward a safe space, then it actually won’t feel vulnerable. 

You’ll feel supported and loved.

Most of us haven’t felt that. We haven’t been in safe spaces. 

When You Aren’t in a Safe Space

When you aren’t in a safe space, don’t share in those spaces. 

Close your energy field.

Zip up, shrink your aura, and keep your energy separate from the people around you. 

When You Are in a Safe Space

When you get into a safe space, you can unzip, expand your aura, and be in your truth. 

Open your heart chakra as big as it will go, and you can release. 

That is the transformative experience. 

It could be in your journal. It could be with one person. It could be in an audience of five thousand people. 

It’s not how many people. It’s the energy of the space that you are in. 

Vulnerability Take-Aways 

Think about shifting the perspective. Don’t force vulnerability. 

Instead, look for safe spaces. Look for practitioners who are holding space. 

Invite, and call in safe space.

That’s where you will do your most valuable healing.

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