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Amazingly Powerful Channeled Meditation to Awaken your Intuition

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Here’s how you can awaken your intuition with this channeled guided meditation. Find more of my meditations here.

One of the most frequent questions I receive is how can I become more intuitive

Everyone is capable of having this incredible divine connection. 

When your energy field is clear and you are deeply grounded, you are able to access higher levels. 

This channeled meditation will focus on: 

  • Enhancing the activation of your clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance, & clairsentience
  • Deeply grounding you, so you’re able to access higher levels of consciousness
  • Clearing & cleansing your energy field to help you be a clear channel
  • Activate your energy healing gifts

How to Connect with Your Intuition

Before you start, you want to do the following things:

Make a Ritual

Before beginning anything else, go through a ritual to get yourself in your body. This helps your body get ready for the amazing connection it’s about to make.

You can use essential oils to get your body ready. For this meditation, I used Vetiver, Clary Sage, and Frankincense. If I could only use one oil, it would be Frankincense.

You could use a lemongrass spritz or a palo santo spray. You can use crystals. Use whatever feels enjoyable to you.

Get Grounded

Before you connect with your intuition, you want to get grounded. Sometimes we come into a space with an intention, but then sometimes something else comes up instead – and that’s ok.

Yet, if you are ungrounded, you start to feel scattered and disconnected from the present moment.

Grounding holds us on the earth.

The higher you want to go, the more deeply you have to be grounded.

The tree can only go as high as the roots grow deep.

When you are ungrounded, you may have anxiety or a higher heart rate.

When you are grounded, you are calm, present, centered, and aligned.

As you ground yourself, run energy through to clear the auric field. You want your energy field to be clear and clean, so you can step into your own sovereignty.

And, so you can use your intuitive gifts to help others.

A Few More Pre-Meditation Tips

As you are meditating and channeling, you can hold your palms up. This is another channel for receiving.

You also want your spine in as good alignment as possible, as that is another channel.

Be sure to listen to the channeled meditation to awaken your intuition! It’s pretty amazing!

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