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Healing Story: Topical Steroid Withdrawal & Red Skin Syndrome {Video}

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Karina Sandberg shares her miraculous story of healing Topical Steroid Withdrawal or Red Skin Syndrome with Medical Medium Protocols. Be sure to check out more healing stories.

I’m so happy to introduce Karina Sandberg, aka the Mango Mama. She is a certified holistic health coach, and she has a beautiful story to share about topical steroid withdrawal.

Karina’s Background

When Karina was a baby she had eczema, and the recommendation was to use topical steroids. Each time she went to the doctor, she was given stronger and more powerful treatments. She used them freely over the years to treat her eczema. Every time she had an itch, she would use the steroids.

In high school, she developed anxiety and depression. She was prescribed antidepressants. Then in college, she got breast implants.

After that, she started suffering from insomnia. When she graduated, she met her then-husband, and she started getting more symptoms: fatigue, anxiety, depression, brain fog. Things piled on.

She continued living her life and had her son. That’s when her health really took a pivot. During her pregnancy, she experienced topical steroid withdrawal symptoms. Her body would get so hot, inflamed, and itchy. She couldn’t quench the deep and intense itch.

Topical Steroid Withdrawal & Red Skin Syndrome

At that point, she found a functional medicine doctor who ran a bunch of tests and asked her to refrain from the steroids. The itch was horrible!

She found the term Topical Steroid Withdrawal aka Red Skin Syndrome. Karina found a doctor who could help her with us, and he confirmed that she had Red Skin Syndrome. He said it would take her years to heal because of her chronic use of steroids.

She asked about the other symptoms she had, like brain fog and being anaphylactic to dairy.

Be sure to watch the video to find out how Karina healed!

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