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Feeling Panicked After Making a Big Decision? How Fear Can Be Good {Video}

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Here’s how fear can be good! When you have taken a leap of faith and fears start popping up, that can be a good sign!

Have you ever made a decision, commitment, or change, and then you experience that oh-crap-what-did-I-do feeling?

Let’s say you left a job, moved to a different state, or signed up for a new training. You are really excited about it, but then you get the backsplash of what did I just do?

Then, negative thoughts starting running through your mind, such as failure.

When fear pops up in this manner, it is actually a good thing!


Fear is ego-based.

The fear is your ego trying to prevent you from stepping into an unknown space. Your ego is trying to protect you and keep you in the familiar.

So, it’s only natural for your ego to start freaking out when you make a decision to go for the unknown.

Making a Soul-Based Decision

When you step into an unfamiliar space, you are creating expansion in your consciousness, as you are opening yourself up to new and different things.

Whenever you make a step to expand your consciousness, the ego will freak out.

The ego wants to keep you safe in your familiar box.

However, if we stay in the familiar, we stay contracted and aren’t listening to our heart’s desires.

Repeating Safe Patterns

If you leave your job and move without feeling any fear, odds are you just took a lateral move.

That puts you in the same cycle as before.

You might repeat the same experience.

If you received the oh-no-what-did-I-do feeling, then that means you are stepping into something new and different.

Let’s say you end a relationship because you aren’t satisfied, and you start a new one.

Let’s say that new relationship feels familiar.

The energetic patterns are the same, and your ego is going to feel really comforted. This is a lateral move, and you are repeating the pattern.

If you start a relationship with another person who is more aware, more awake, and will hold you accountable, your ego is going to panic!

That is a good sign, as you are stepping into relationships with higher levels of consciousness.

It’s okay for your ego to panic when making a new decision.

My Own Ego

I am stepping into outreach work and am in the early stages of planning it. I am so excited and inspired by all these brilliant ideas running through me.

Meanwhile, my ego is having a fit.

Thoughts are popping up. What do you know about doing this? What do you know about this group of people? Nobody is going to want your community center.

I have these two opposing forces within me – one that is an inspiration and the divine drive to move forward into a new space. Then, there’s the other – a polarity which is the ego trying to hold me back.

Trust that when the ego voice shows up and tries to stop you, it is a good sign.

That is your shadow work.

Think about:

  • Why am I afraid of failing?
  • Why do I think I can’t fulfill a need that I’m not familiar with?
  • Why do I think the Universe would give me all this inspiration and motivation to just fail?

What If I Fail?

Let’s talk about failing.

There is no such thing as failure. There’s experimentation, learning, growth, and expansion.

If your next thing turns out not as you imagined, it’s all part of the learning process.

Will You Stay Safe or Be Divinely Led?

A lot of people are going to think about new options they have and then let their ego take the steering wheel.

They are going to turn down their intuition and their inspiration and say they can’t do that.

That’s when a piece of their soul leaves their body.

That turns down their vibration and keeps them small, contracted, and safe.

You don’t need to be one of these people.

Follow your inspiration, follow your intuition, and make your soul sing!

Fear Can Be Good Take-Aways

If you have taken a leap of faith, know that fear is expected, natural, and part of the process.

As you work through this, you’ll feel the ego pop up.

Recognize that it isn’t you. It isn’t your higher self. It’s an outdated form of preservation that a lot of us are outgrowing.

Know that the ego popping up is your shadow, your healing work, and your space to explore.

We get to be led by our higher self.

We get to be led by our divine energy.

There’s no scarcity, there’s no lack.

Continue to take the leaps of faith. Continue to trust and surrender.

Hang in there – it’s a good sign. You are moving forward and expanding your consciousness.

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