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Stepping Out of the Matrix and Getting Clear with Your Own Sovereignty {Video}

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Here’s how to recognize the matrix, getting clear with your own sovereignty, so you can move into a life of emotional freedom, peace, and joy.

You have most likely heard a lot of spiritual teachers refer to the matrix and how to unplug from it.

Today, I wanted to give a little more clarity on what that means. I’ll be sharing how you can recognize the matrix and also how you can free yourself from it.

When you unplug from the rules and this set of standards of how you should act and what you should do, there is a tremendous about of sovereignty and freedom. Additionally, you will experience more joy.


The matrix is an agenda that takes energy and resources from the bulk of humanity. The matrix is not of light. Additionally, the matrix is grounded in energetic servitude.

The bulk of our modernized society is an energy of servitude. Think about if you are in servitude to someone else’s agenda.

For example, How do you feel when you take an hour commute through traffic to a job you don’t like? When you come home from work angry or don’t have patience later for your kids?

Programming keeps us in fear. It keeps us locked into these ways of living and being that isn’t healthful for us.

If you find your physical health tanking and aren’t experiencing joy anymore, then think about this:

Where are you plugged into this servitude that says you have to live a certain way? Where can you break free of this?

We are programmed into servitude from very early in life. This is very prevalent in our modern schooling system. Everyone has to fit into the box. It starts when we are young.

As we go into adulthood, we are then supposed to go to college. Then, we get a job and work hard. Then, we marry and juggle work, kids, and our spouse. We work for 40 years before retiring and finally getting to enjoy life.

Getting Out of the Box

There are many ways to live on this earth. Yet, we do not have to live the way we are living. We can get out of the box.

Ask yourself, are you locked into a job that is depleting? Are you locked into a relationship that is depleting? How is your mental health?

Get out of the job you hate. Get out of the relationship you hate.

Do what makes you feel good. Come back to your dreams. Cut people out of your life. Take risks.

As you go through your day, think about: Who am I making this decision for? Am I making this decision because it feels good for me?

You are by nature and law a free and sovereign being.

You get to choose and co-create the life you desire that is true and authentic to your higher self.

Unique Soul Vibrations

On a personal note, I am a high-level empath. I have the unique ability to feel into people’s soul vibrations.

Some of you are more firey while some of you are sweeter and more gentle. Some of you are very motherly while some of you are fierce and warriors. And, some of you are playful and humorous.

We all have a unique soul vibration. This vibration is dying to be expressed through our life experiences. We came here to experience joy and freedom.

Our path is to unplug from the stuff that is holding us down and putting us in these boxes.

Getting Clear with Your Sovereignty

Ask yourself how you are making decisions and who you are serving.

Are you serving a massive corporation and sucking yourself dry for someone else? Are you depleting yourself? Maybe you are running yourself ragged in a relationship for someone who is not allowing you to blossom.

Some of you might be partway in the matrix but understanding and gaining clarity. That’s okay. Yet, be conscious as you do.

You can be in the 3-D and very gently and also carefully unplug from it and not allow it to rule your world.

You can be in it, but not of it.

Sovereignty Take-Aways

It’s important to start recognizing where you are.

Observing your thoughts, your behaviors, and asking yourself why you are making these decisions.

Think about if you are too plugged into the servitude of someone else’s needs.

Come back to this place of getting clear with your own sovereignty where you get to create your own life. You get to live in joy and freedom.

It’s very powerful and very possible for you.

Sending that vibration out to all of you!

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