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How to Easily Let Go of Resistance, Control, and Perfectionism {Video}

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Here’s how you can let go of resistance, control, and perfectionism with ease.

Do you ever find yourself in resistance?

When we are in resistance, it feels extremely painful.  This is because we are resisting the present moment.

We are assuming the way things are at the present moment is wrong. We are thinking that things shouldn’t be this way. Instead, things should be some other way.

We may see mistakes. We may find ourselves trying to control the situation, trying to make it different than it is.

This creates a lot of pain, struggle, and force.

This state of resistance puts us in those very low vibrational energies of fear, lack, and scarcity.

When we are in resistance, we are resisting the lessons and guidance that is coming through.

We can be in resistance over a lot of things – our financial state, current health conditions, the way we are eating, the way we are spending our money, who we are spending our time with, or where we live.

What Happens When We Come Out of Resistance

When you let go, it’s like a big sigh of relief.

When we can recognize our own resistance to the present moment, we come back to this principle that we are exactly where we are meant to be.

The circumstances in our lives are perfect for learning, for growing, for ascension, and for moving through our healing process in the right way at the precise time.

When we can come back to that, we can now fully trust and surrender to the moment. We can fully trust that we are also being guided.

With this mindset, we can trust that we are always doing the right things that bring us the lessons that we need to move forward.  

It’s a beautiful thing when we come out of resistance:

  • Stress hormones calm down
  • The immune system works better
  • The body starts feeling calmer
  • The mind starts feeling better
  • Emotions settle and become clearer
  • We can be guided again!

Moving Through Ascension

Everyone goes through times of resistance. Maybe you made a mistake and chose resistance, a 3-D emotion. 

Through humility and through ownership, you move yourself to 4-D. To get to 5-D, you fully trust that you are being guided.

You fully surrender to the plan that you don’t even know yet.

When you can do that, then you are starting to move forward and step into a more positive space. A higher vibrational space where you will become magnetic for what you want and desire.

How to Easily Let Go of Resistance, Control, and Perfectionism

Doing Less Means More

You don’t have to do more things. You can just be. Sometimes we think we have to work more, or we have to juice more, we have to take more supplements or exercise more.

We just have to be in the higher vibration, and we become a magnet for what we want and desire.

Non-Judgmental Self-Observation

Watch yourself and watch the spaces in your life where you are in resistance.

Recognize that you have a choice to step out of resistance and into trust and surrender.

Personal Example

I found myself in serious resistance, feeling the need to try and control.

I felt that I knew what was best and couldn’t understand why people couldn’t see my side of this. Then, I came back to the space of maybe this is exactly what needs to happen for everyone else involved and for me. Maybe this is not my issue to tackle.

We don’t have to take on everything. It’s not our job to be everything.

I’m never going to make our circumstances perfect.

There is no perfection on this plane.

Everything is in movement and motion and flow, like the ocean.

If you try and fight against the current and control where to go, you’ll exhaust yourself.

Yet, if you get out and float on your back, then you’ll go where you need to go and have a nice little adventure. We can’t control the things that are so much bigger than us.

Let Go of Resistance Affirmations

  • There is something even better for me than I even imagined for myself.
  • I am exactly where I am meant to be.
  • I know I am being supported and guided by the Divine.
  • The more I trust and stay in a high vibration, the more I receive.

Letting Go of Resistance Take-Aways

When you are in resistance, you are in resistance to the things you really want. You are actually pushing away the things you want.

Come back into being. Come back into acceptance, into trust. Then you’ll get what you want more easily. Do less and receive more.

Coming out of resistance is letting go of control and perfectionism. We don’t have as much control as we may think we have, and that is a good thing.

Come full circle with it, feeling the trust and calm.

I cannot tell you how well it works and how much these things pay off.

I hope this message resonates with you!

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