How to Increase Your Healing Power by Getting Out of Your Head {Video}

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This video post shares how to increase your healing power by getting out of your head and listening to your body.

Did you know that your body has a natural rhythm?

Somewhere along the way, we became trained out of listening to our bodies. We get locked into patterns and often become task-masters, waking up and doing the same thing, day after day.

Our bodies aren’t machines, even though we often treat them as such. For example, in the winter, our bodies want more cooked, heavier foods, and they want to be quieter.

We are dominated by the “have-tos” and the “shoulds,” and that takes us out of the energy of doing what we need.

Even though we don’t always treat them as such, our bodies are very wise. We can learn a lot by listening to their messages instead of pushing through, burning ourselves out, and then ultimately not living in joy.

Through the following video, you’ll learn how to truly honor what your body is telling you.

Intuitive Cleansing: Out of Your Head & Into Your Body

This video shows how to increase your healing power by getting out of your head.

Essential Oils Used: Patchouli Oil from doTerra

The Power of the Heart

We think that the brain is the command center for our bodies. However, the heart has its own electromagnetic field which is much bigger than any other one. Our heart is more highly in tune and more powerful when it comes to making decisions.

Often, we listen to our brain because that decision looks good “on paper.” When in reality, our heart had the message that was more true for us.

When we are shutting down the messages that are coming to us, we become spiritually misaligned.

Think about a time when you were most misaligned. Maybe you were in a job or a relationship that was not for you. When you get into these uncomfortable spaces, you begin to disassociate even more from your body and your true self.

Moving Out Dense Energy

When you feel disassociated, the most powerful thing to do is move it out. Everything is energy. If you have a lot of negative feelings, that energy needs to be moved out.

You can move the energy out through movement. Movement comes in many different forms, and none of those have to be any kind of strenuous exercise.

One form of movement is breathwork. Breathing into different spaces truly helps move the stagnant energy. You can move the energy out through dancing or singing. Put on some music that inspires you and let your body move in ways that feel good.

Stretching, yoga, chanting, walking, and rebounding are all forms of movement too. Even shaking your hands out. Send that energy off your body!

Each of these forms of movement becomes stronger when you add the intention to move dense, heavy energy.

Connecting to Stillness

After moving the energy through the body, you want to get very still. Get into meditation or nature, and ask your question, whatever it may be.

Is this the right path for me? Am I following the right plan? Am I just doing this because someone told me to?

With your healing work, you don’t want to push it because of the logical mind. You want to do what feels right for you.

After meditation, it’s a wonderful idea to journal. Get your oils, get quiet, and journal.

Ask yourself, why is this happening? What is this experience trying to teach me? You’ll get a feeling, and you’ll work through it with writing.

Learning to Reconnect

Along our healing path, we learn to reconnect to our intuitive abilities and get back into touch with the wisdom that comes from the body.

Intuition can be very subtle.

Intuition can also come to us through the clairs – clairvoyant (seeing), clairaudient (hearing), claircognizant (knowing), and clairsentient (feeling). It could be a blend of these intuitive abilities too.

Through your healing journey, you want to honor what your body is telling you. In doing so, that is not you being lazy. You don’t need to feel guilty about needing to lay down during the day or taking a day off here and there because your body needed.

We aren’t meant to push and force. We are meant to spend more time in stillness and softness.

When you do that, your physical body will guide you.

When you become more focused on your wellness, you’ll see other things in your life come to fruition, and they’ll be even better than you thought they would be.

What’s Next? Healing the Mind

That’s a wrap on the first workshop on healing your body!

The next series in the workshop is healing your mind. The topic is The Art of Surrender: Releasing Emotional Blocks to Vitality and Joy.

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