How to Identify & Clear Emotional Blocks Yourself {Video}

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This post shares how to identify and clear emotional blocks yourself and how this can profoundly accelerate your healing.

You can change your story.

You do not have to carry around old baggage.

Think about the life that you want – the life you were meant to have, without your old story following you.

When it comes to physical healing, emotional healing is very much intertwined. In fact, we hit blocks with our physical healing, often signifying that we have to work on clearing out the emotional blockages.

Video – How to Identify & Clear Blocks

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Blocks to Healing

Some of the blocks to healing are limiting beliefs, stories, expectations, force, and lack of boundaries. Once you are aware of these blocks, you can heal more deeply.  

Limiting Beliefs

Sometimes we have a belief that we just can’t heal. That it will never happen for us.

Maybe we feel that we will get a little better but never really have full vitality.

A lot of these limiting beliefs are programming from our societies or from our upbringing.

Limiting beliefs are the “toos” and “not enoughs.” Too old. Too sick. Not smart enough. Not enough will. 

Sometimes you will actually hear the voice in your head that says those strong limiting things. Other times those beliefs are really subtle, and you have to do the work to uncover them.    

When these limiting beliefs show up, pay attention. Where are they showing up? When are they showing up?

To dig a little deeper, you can journal and see what comes up for you.  

Often, we are taught not to stay in the negatives. However, we need to get really familiar with the negatives or the shadow part of ourselves to release these limiting beliefs.

For more on this, I have a whole article dedicated to self-limiting beliefs.


Similar to limiting beliefs are past stories. If we continue to live in our past stories, we can never create a new one. 

Thoughts are energy. Our thoughts create our energy field, which is spiritually called our aura or scientifically called our quantum field. This energy then gets set out into the world. 

How? Because our thoughts create our beliefs, which are patterns of thoughts. The beliefs create our frequency, in turn creating our reality.

Thus, our inner world creates our outer world. 

When we change one thought at a time, we change our beliefs. Then we begin to create new opportunities, and we have the chance to change these stories that are playing in our heads.

When you start to spiral, catch yourself. You can take that in the other direction. 

Here’s a relationship example. I’ll never find someone who supports me. All the good men (or women) are taken. 

Start telling yourself a new story. There is the perfect partner out there for me. There is someone out there that will love and support me exactly as I am.  

If you study neuro-linguistic programming, you can see that you can actually change the pathways in your brain.

You use affirmations that change your stories, and it’s a powerful way to change thoughts, beliefs, and vibrations. Then, your outside world starts to shift.

What about when the old stories seem so strong?

When old stories and old energy feels so strong, fake it until you make it. Create a goal that’s super achievable and crush it each time. This is reprogramming yourself for success. 

Think about where the reprogramming voice is coming from. Is it coming from a competitive/ego place or is it coming from a loving, these-are-my-soul-desires place? If they are your soul desires, put them out there. You are meant to have them.

You can even go back to the embodiment practice that was in yesterdays’ workshop. 

What about when it gets hard?

When it gets hard, focus on what you are doing right.

I’m doing the best I can in a really difficult situation. Every day, I’m doing better.

Watch the language that’s happening in your head. Observe your inner dialogue and bring in more positivity. 

Take one moment, take one belief at a time.

Every day you can change a pattern. Every day you do better.

As you get more embodied in that, you start to see emotional blocks start to shift. 


Expectations can really take away your joy. When you are expecting things to work out in a certain way and then they don’t, you are setting yourself up for failure. 

When things don’t work out your way, you have a choice. You can feel defeat, give up, quit, cry, or tell yourself that you aren’t good enough.

Or, you can say, Okay, the universe is taking me in another direction. This is not the way to go.   

Having the idea of knowing what is going to happen or thinking you have control is another block. 

Also, it’s a good idea to watch your expectations with your children too. You want to give them the freedom to experience life and gently guide them, so they don’t set themselves up the way we did.


When we are trying really hard to make something happen or force something to happen, it usually isn’t right for us.

When we push or force ourselves, we are blocking our joy. We think it’s the thing that we need – that this job, salary, or house will make us happy.

If we are forcing it, it is coming from a low vibration place and probably isn’t the best move for us.

Where are you pushing or forcing? Where can you let things flow better? 

Lack of Boundaries

A lot of us are people pleasers, or we try to fix people. Or, we let other people’s energy affect our own.

If we don’t have clear boundaries, we are leaking energy all over the place. We need all of our energy. 

You need to have clear and healthy boundaries in all of your relationships, in order to be true to yourself and to keep your energy and high-vibration.  

Ask for Help

To help with setting boundaries or any of these situations that are hard, go to prayer.

God, the angels, Source, the Universe are all conspiring for your success, but they respect the law of free will and cannot intervene unless we ask them.

Help will show up when you ask for it, and you’ll get the nudge or the answer that you need.  

How to Clear Emotional Blocks

Being aware of our blocks is a huge first step. The next steps will help you clear emotional blocks.

Accepting the Moment

Start by embracing and accepting each moment as it is. In the toughest moments, realize, I am safe. I have support, I am fed, I have a home. Everything I need in this moment, I have.  

Remind yourself of all the things that are working. 

Make yourself a gratitude list. This is such a powerful thing to do when you find yourself in resistance. 

Getting Clear

Get crystal clear on what you want and desire. Don’t let those limiting beliefs stop you before you even get started. 

Write it down. If you are bedbound and your dream is to run a 5K, write it down. Nothing is too far of a stretch. If you want to walk on the beach every morning and meditate, write it down. The Universe has unlimited potential. 

Think about what your soul truly desires. Whether it’s a house on the ocean, an art studio, or being a multi-millionaire, get really wild about what your desires are.

There is no reason why you can’t have these things. Don’t let your beliefs block you before you even get started on the path.   

Here’s more on manifesting your desires during tough times.

Feel It

You have to really feel it. Get in the mindset. If your dream is a bungalow on the ocean, take yourself through that. 

Close your eyes and imagine yourself doing exactly that. I wake up and see the sun rising, feeling the warm breeze and smelling the salty ocean. Getting out of my luscious, king-size bed, I slip on my sandals and a bathing suit, and I dive right into this tropical water… 

How awesome would it be to start your day like that every day? 

Write down what an ideal day looks like for you and really feel into it.  

Keep a Light Heart

Have a light heart in everything you do, no matter how tough it is. Trust that you are going to get there.

Fully surrender to where the universe is steering you. That is a huge part of the process as well. 

Non-Judgmental Self Observation

Last, to clear emotional blocks, you want to observe the inner world. Really watch yourself and listen to your thoughts from a bird’s eye view. 

Are you going through your day exhausted? Are you constantly bombarded with thoughts of anxiety or fear? Where are you? 

Don’t judge it, but see where you are.

This will show you where you need your healing work. To get to your vision, you have to understand where you are. 

Clearing Emotional Blocks Take-Aways

When you clear emotional blocks, it’s a process that takes time. This isn’t an overnight fix – it’s a slow grind, and you have to do the work. 

Remember find your blocks, work on releasing them, get crystal clear on your vision, and work at it every day. 

Thanks for joining us in the heal your body, mind, and soul series. Tomorrow’s workshop is on healing your soul and raising your vibration. Be sure to check it out!

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