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Here’s How To Truly Distinguish Between Truth and False Light {Video}

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Find out how to differentiate between the truth and false light.

False light is a term that you hear so much. Spiritual leaders, gurus, and even techniques have been labeled as false light by some.

As we continue to do our inner work and as we continue to ascend, we may come across things that don’t feel right to us.

What Is False Light?

False light is actually darkness falsely presented as light. It can be something that is meant to be positive or spiritual, such as therapies, techniques, forums, but it is manipulated as light.

There are a lot of people out there saying that all kinds of things are false light. What is the truth?

How Can You Distinguish Between Truth and False Light?

It comes back to your own intuition.

We all have our own empathetic abilities. You can stand next to someone and get a vibe from them.

This person is really nice and friendly.

Or, ohhh this person is not at all friendly.

Or even, this person is acting nice and friendly, but she’s got a funky motive.

Trusting Your Own Intuition

If you are trying to decide whether to trust a certain therapy or spiritual guru, bring it back to your intuition.

  • Are they trying to make you fearful or manipulate you?
  • Are they trying to put themselves in the space of being the guru or creating a hierarchy? There’s no hierarchy in spirituality. We are all equal.
  • Are they trying to control your thoughts?
  • Are they trying to control what is right or wrong?
  • How does this message make you feel?
  • How does your body feel when you come into this information? Do you get a sinking pit in your stomach? Do you get a “whoa my mind was just blown?!”

Remember, truth is subjective. My truth five years ago was very different than it is now.

I’m sure my truth in five years will be even more different than now.

Truth Is Subjective

There is no one truth.

Everyone’s truth is different based on the lens that they are viewing the world from.

If something makes you feel empowered, go with it. Yet, keep in mind that sense of feeling good and empowered shouldn’t come from a hierarchical space or a space of ego.

So, the more you learn, the more you realize how much you don’t know.

Your truths should make you feel more compassion for those around you. They should allow you to become a more compassionate loving person.

There are dark forces out there, and it’s done through creating fear.

The purpose of darkness is to elicit fear. Through that fear, darkness can essentially drain your life force. It’s also very easy to be manipulated when you are in fear.

How Do You Deal With Learning Hard Truths?

When you learn a truth that is hard to digest, what do you do?

You realize that you don’t have control over things on such a high level.

However, you do have control over your own sovereignty – your own consciousness in the present moment.

What can you do to help be part of the solution?

As an example, our planet is so polluted.

We can’t get caught up in worrying about what this looks like on a larger scale, but we can focus on what we can do right now.

Vote with your dollar. Buy green products. Buy organic foods. Compost in your backyard. Also, you can donate to organizations.

You are conscious of what is out there, but rather than being in fear, you bring it back to the present moment here and now.

By being in fear, you are feeding into the darkness. By fighting, you are fueling the darkness.

Darkness Will Always Exist

Lovingly and compassionately understand that dark forces will always exist on the planet.

That’s part of the condition here.

That’s what we are meant to learn and transcend. We are meant to learn to live with the darkness and embrace our own shadow aspects – our own darkness – and make peace with that.

There’s a lot of darkness coming to the surface now, but what was happening 100 years ago? World wars, the Great Depression, the Holocaust, mass genocide, people starving, etc.

Planet earth doesn’t change. Technology changes, circumstances change, situations change, but there will always be darkness. This is what you signed up for.

In other words, your choice is whether you engage with and feed the darkness.

Can You Be Fooled By False Light?

Sure, we can be fooled.

That’s part of our growth and learning process.

We have to tangle with the darkness and rise out of it. That’s part of our mission here on earth.

It’s never going away.

You have to make peace with it. You have to make peace with it in yourself.

If you feel triggered by truths coming out, that’s a sign there’s deeper space for you to heal within yourself, and an opportunity for you to step into your own sovereignty.

You’ve got to become so clean and clear in your own energy field that you can very quickly discern this is for me OR this is not for me OR this was for me and is no longer for me.

Your truth should be evolving – that’s how you know you are on the right path.

Stay in Your Truth

Don’t get caught up in someone else’s truth. Don’t let someone else’s word become your dogma.

That’s how you give away your power, and that’s also how you get trapped by false light.

Use your own sovereignty. You know the truth.

It is within you.

Love and embrace the wildness out there.

Sending you so much love!

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