The Health Benefits of Papaya & How to Choose a Non-GMO Variety {Video}

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In this video, you’ll find the health benefits of papaya and how to choose and prepare a non-GMO variety.

Papayas are a really powerful fruit, and they are delicious.

As far as health conditions, papayas are really good for anyone with any kind of intestinal issue. They are also really good for thyroid conditions.

How to Choose a Non-GMO Papaya

You want to choose a maradol papayas, not the smaller Hawaiian papayas. The smaller Hawaiian ones can be GMO.

When you buy them from the grocery store, they’ll be green. So, they’ll have to ripen for 5-10 days.

Wait until it’s a nice yellow color.

You want to make sure that it’s soft to the touch. Sometimes they’ll get little spots on it, that’s okay. Just cut around that spot.

How to Cut a Papaya

Take a nice, sharp knife and carefully cut down the center.

You’ll see a lot of seeds inside. You can scoop those out. These seeds have a peppery flavor, but they have their own nutritional properties. Feel free to take a spoonful while you are cutting your papaya.

Once you have scooped out your seeds, you can just take a spoonful and eat as is.

It’s almost like the texture of a melon. You can add honey or lime. You can use it in smoothies or fruit salads.

It’s a really tasty and healing fruit.

Eating a half of one papaya of these a day is amazing! The health benefits of papaya are countless!

Health Benefits of Papaya

Papayas are wonderful for digestion. They truly help to support the stomach intestinal tract. If you have any kind of intestinal issue, definitely incorporate papayas.

They are also wonderful the skin! They help with wrinkles and bringing back youth.

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