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Guided Healing Meditation with Archangel Metatron {Video}

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This post shares a guided healing meditation with Archangel Metatron that will further your emotional healing.

Several years ago, I took an amazing class that taught me more about the angels.

Archangel Metatron was one that caught my attention through his unique name. However, I didn’t give him too much more thought back then.

As the years went by, I started to connect more with angels and my intuitive gifts. That’s when Archangel Metatron very clearly and powerfully came through to me.

Archangel Metatron told me that he was going to teach me to use an energy therapy to help disarm and remove heavy metals from people’s bodies.

He showed me this energetic meditative technique to use. I’m going to share this with you today through this guided healing meditation with Archangel Metatron.

What makes Archangel Metatron different?

Ever since that experience, I felt very connected to Archangel Metatron, and I’ve found out so much more about him.

Metatron’s name is quite unique in comparison to the other archangels. Most of the archangels have names that end in the suffix “el.” The “el” suffix means “of God.”

There’s Archangel Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Ariel, Chamuel, Zadkiel, and Raziel.

These are beings that were created as Archangels. They’ve always had that vibration.

Metatron is one of only two angels that ascended to that level from human form.

So cool, right?!

He’s such a unique angel because he’s lived through the human experience and ascended all the way up to archangel, which is beautiful and exciting.

As a healer, the reason he is coming through so powerfully to me right now is because he’s really helping us through this shift that the entire global consciousness is going through right now.

Archangel Metatron is here to help with the ascension process because he knows the ropes and has been through it himself.

He’s helping us to integrate this new earth energy that is coming through.

Raising Your Vibration

If you are feeling especially sensitive right now, or riding a lot of highs and lows emotionally, do not worry. That is a very common part of the ascension process.

You might be experiencing some tough days.

I know I am.

These feelings mean you are going through this ascension process, which means you are raising your vibration.

As you ascend and your vibration heightens, you are kicking out the older, lower, stuck energy.

This energy can be trapped in your body – in your organs, your chakras, and we don’t want to take this energy with us.

Riding a New Healing Wave

With this ascension process, you might feel the call to your spirituality and to further your healing.

You might be wondering how to deal with emotions that you’ve had your entire life.

Think about how it feels to ride a wave. When you get on the wave, it feels amazing.

However, if you are fighting it or resisting it, the water can be scary.

Right now, we are all learning to surf. It’s a new kind a wave – a spiritual wave.

You’re going to get water up your nose sometimes, and that’s okay!

I’m here to help you surf this new ascension wave and help you to get into this higher vibration state that is coming into the earth grid.

When we come out of this, you are going to be able to really powerfully manifest the life you want.

This is why it’s so powerful and exciting.

Guided Meditation for Emotional Healing

Today, Metatron is here to help us clear out old stuck energies, cut cords that no longer serve us, and revitalize our energy.

Before You Start the Guided Meditation

Make yourself comfortable when you meditate.

Get in bed or cuddle with a blanket, the more relaxed you are, the deeper you will go.

If you fall asleep, that’s okay!

It just means you needed the sleep, and your body and subconscious might have needed to go that deep to heal.

During the Guided Healing Meditation

We’ll start our guided meditation with breathwork and then move into grounding ourselves. This is a really beautiful meditative process.

We’ll connect with the earth energy, including the mineral and crystal energies within the earth.

We’ll move through all the chakras, cleansing and clearing, and then we’ll invite Archangel Metatron in to help us cut our cords.

This guided meditation helps with healing illness and furthering your emotional healing. I truly hope you enjoy it.

Be sure to check for future live guided meditations for emotional cleansing and healing.

There’s so much more healing to come!

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