Spiritual Healing & The Path to Ascension {Video}

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This post shares how to heal spiritually through raising your vibration, which ultimately is the path to ascension.

Picture yourself stuck in a forest. All you can see are trees. It’s dark, cold, and the trees look enormous. At times, you feel scared and wonder what’s around the corner.

Now picture yourself rising up to the treetops. You can feel a gentle breeze. The warm sun feels amazing on your skin, and you can even see the trees bearing fruit. It’s different.

You’re gaining more awareness of where you are and what the world is like. You couldn’t see that before.

When you are down in the trees, you are in a low vibration. You don’t know that you are in a massive forest because all you can see are woods. When you rise up, and you get a bird’s eye view.

When we go through this personal growth process, we start to realize that there is more.

Today, I’m sharing how to raise your vibration, which ultimately is the path to ascension. As we move into the spiritual aspect, this is the foundation of all healing. This is the key to expanding your soul.

Raising Your Vibration Video

Essential Oils used: Melissa (Lemon Balm) Oil from doTerra

Products Referenced: Books – Power Vs. Force, The Map of Consciousness Explained; Cards – Work Your Light, Divine Feminine, Animal Spirit Guides, Spirit Animals; Poster – Themes of Consciousness Poster

Healing is meant to be joyful. We are not meant to be on such strict regimens that we lose our connection or social interaction. A lot of times we get caught up with all of the things we have to do that we get stuck in the lower energies.

We are living a physical existence, and we are meant to experience the joys of being here. Food, interactions, and sisterhood are all meant to be a joyful experience.

Spirituality & the Scale of Consciousness

This Scale of Consciousness by David R. Hawkins shows you exactly how you can be raising your vibration and ultimately ascending.

He researched the quantum field, and he wrote about how when people experience certain emotions, the measurable vibration that comes off the body. 

Lowest Vibrations

The lowest vibration emotions are shame and guilt, which is in line with judgment. When we are in these emotions, these are the heaviest, densest emotions. 

Everyone carries some of these feelings. For example, mothers have all this guilt that we aren’t doing enough. When we feel this way, we are dropping our vibration. 

Think about points in your life that you couldn’t get yourself to do anything. You were most likely in one of these low vibrations, which are paralyzing.

Hopelessness, grief, and fear are also low vibration emotions. The five of these emotions all can put you in a space of inaction.

As you start to transcend up these scales, you can then get into hyperactivity – desire, anger, and pride. This is when you see people in the hustle. They are working really hard, forcing, and pushing. 

All of these emotions – from shame up to pride – are very 3D emotions. In the 3D world, we are almost in animalistic vibrations of survival: up, down, left, right, forward, and backward.

When you are in these 3D emotions, you are in force, and you are attracting more of that in your life. We want to get out of these emotions because we are suffering here.

There’s a strong feeling of separateness. Negative emotional patterns, don’t feel connected to a higher power.

When you have a really clear understanding of these lowest vibrations, you definitely realize that you want to start raising your vibration.

Middle Vibrations

Our goal is to transcend these low vibrations and spend more time in the higher vibrations.

As you become more courageous, you realize the mistakes you made don’t define you.

You become freer, happier, and more stress-free. As you hold yourself accountable for your life, you move into courage, neutrality, willingness, acceptance, reason/logic.

We feel a lot more empowered when we step into these higher vibrations. 

When you are in these higher vibration emotions, it’s easier to eat healthily. When you are down at the low vibration emotions, you want denser, heavier, more processed foods because they are an energetic match for your low vibration.

When your vibration is higher, it’s easier to eat more raw, higher vibration foods because these are an energetic match. 

Essential oils, herbs, and higher vibrational foods all support our body in moving up this scale. They are so powerful to help with levels of consciousness.

Highest Vibrations  

As you continue on your path, you have the opportunity to transcend even higher. We realize that we are not just our bodies, we are not just our minds, we are our spirit.

This happens when you fully trust the higher power, and you have faith in the unseen. 

When you are in these very high vibrations, you attract people and circumstances that support your vibration. When you are in this space, you are in serendipity. What a beautiful place to be!

Up & Down the Scale of Consciousness

There are times that you’ll drop down into lower vibrations. That’s okay! It will give perspective, which you need to rise back up.

The negative emotions are there to let you know that you lost your way on your path to enlightenment.

This scale of consciousness is a great tool to help you with an awareness of where you are and where you can go. This is the process of spiritual ascension. 

As we rise up the path to ascension, we become more aware. We can see when we’ve dropped down.

We can also see when people have dropped down low. It’s easy to tell when people are living these 3D lives.

There’s so much suffering down there. They might not realize there is a path to ascension. They might not even realize they have a soul. That is all okay.

Everyone is on their journey in their own time. We want to allow our vibration to inspire others without trying to force anything on anyone.

Next time you feel yourself stuck in the trees, remember you can rise back up again, stronger and more aware.

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