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How to Embrace the Holding Pattern Even When You Feel Ready {Video}

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Here’s how to get through the spiritual holding pattern with ease, holding space for yourself, even when you feel ready for the next step.

Are you feeling ready for the next thing in your life, but for some reason, you feel like you aren’t getting closer?

Maybe you are ready to get rid of a certain symptom. Maybe you are ready to start a new job. Or, maybe you are ready to be in a relationship.

You have all this excitement, passion, and enthusiasm for the next thing.

But, for some reason, you just can’t seem to make it happen…yet.

You are in a holding pattern.

Or as I like to call it, the pause.

What is a Holding Pattern?

Sometimes we are in this space where all we want is the next phase or the next step.

Instead, we find ourselves in a space of holding.

A holding pattern is actually a space of healing. You are working on the energetic up-level that your next step requires before you step into that space.

The universe is saying, “Well, you think you’re ready, but you’re not actually ready yet.”

Rather than trying to make it happen right here and right now, we need to recognize that sometimes we are in these holding patterns, where we are being asked to wait until it’s time.

That waiting may feel like fatigue. You might feel tired like you don’t have enough energy to create that webpage.

You may be on a dating app, where it’s just crickets. Nobody is answering messages, and nothing is happening.

You may be going through a course of study, and you just can’t get through that next module for the next certification.

So we can get really frustrated when we want that next thing. We can’t force our manifestation.

Let the Body Catch Up

Since 2020, we have been in this lightning-fast upgrade.

There are more spaces of holding because we are upgrading energetically, and we have to let the body catch up with the upgrade.

We have to let the downloads, divinity, and light energy recalibrate in our physical bodies.

Our physical body just can’t move as fast as our minds, as light, or as the Universe.

How fast can the human body run? Not very fast at all.

We’ve got to have patience as our body calibrates to the frequency of the new things that we desire.

Inner Work While Waiting

The things that pop up when you are in the holding pattern are coming up to be healed. That’s your shadow work.  

Observe the fears that surface while you are in the holding pattern.

This is where you start to dissect limiting beliefs.

This is where you start to surrender to the process of integration and ascension.

And, this is where you start to let go of all the things that you think you have control over (but you don’t).

Be Patient

When you try to force something (which comes from the lower vibration emotions of control and fear), you will get a low vibrational return.

When you shift into faith, trust, surrender, and divine timing, you get into a higher frequency.

Yet, when you wait patiently in this higher frequency, the return will be so much better.

Even though it feels that the time is longer, the return will be much greater.

Be patient as you wait.

The energy is going to come in a wave.

If you are out there on your surfboard patiently waiting, you can start paddling when it comes. You can ride that wave, and get the surf of your dreams.

If you are out there fighting the current, exhausting yourself, you won’t be able to fight a wave. And if you aren’t paying attention to right divine timing, that wave is going to come along and knock you down.

We need to let go of the resistance. Also, we need to stop wasting energy with impatience and with rushing and force. We can just wait and watch the shadow stuff that comes up.

Watch and See

As you are surrendering, think or journal over the following questions:

  • What fears are coming up for me during this holding pattern?
  • What is the universe trying to teach me because of my lack of being present in the moment?
  • Where do I need to do the work?

Positive Affirmations for Holding Space

As you are working through your shadow work, feel into the following powerful statements:

  1. I am fully trusting and surrendering.
  2. I know I am integrating new levels of light and energy that will allow me to insert desire in a much more powerful way.
  3. Everything always works out for me. It has before, and it will again.

What Do You Do While Waiting?

So now, you ground into the here and now. You nurture yourself, you love on yourself, and you take care of you.

  • Meditate
  • Take a salt bath
  • Read books
  • Journal
  • Move your body
  • Be in the moment

We can take this wait time and really nurture ourselves and be in compassion and do our shadow work.

Rather than fighting and forcing and being in resistance.

How to Embrace Your Spiritual Holding Pattern

The Magic of the Universe

There’s so many energetic pieces at work, many more than most of us even realize.

There are so many people involved – other spaces and other things getting ready.

For a relationship example:

Your person is out there. Your person is doing their shadow work and getting ready for you.

For a career example:

Your next job is there. Maybe someone else is working through their process of leaving that job.

If you jump into something else out of fear, you didn’t do your shadow work. You looped into the same thing again.

For me, I’m waiting to launch my next incredible program.

There are women who are going to enroll in my program who are doing their shadow work and aren’t ready yet.

Maybe that’s why I’m being asked to wait.

Holding Pattern Take-Aways

Embrace the pause. Don’t rush into your next step.

The wave is on its way to you. You don’t need to paddle for no reason. You’ll get tired and wipe out.

Instead, feel into this time of being held and waiting.

It is setting yourself up for greater success.

Sending you love as you go through this healing process.

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