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Powerful Transformation When Going to a Healing Retreat or Live Event {Video}

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Looking for your next step? When you go to a healing retreat or live event, there is so much potential to experience incredible expansion, growth, and healing.

Recently, I spoke with a client of mine that came to a retreat I hosted a few years ago. I haven’t seen her since then. She shared the most amazing story with me!

Amazing Retreat Transformation Story

Struggle with Autoimmune

When she came to the retreat, she was struggling with an autoimmune condition, and the retreat really opened her eyes to the power of a plant-based diet. 

Afterward, she shifted to a plant-based diet and was able to get off all medications that were being used to treat that condition.

One of the things that sparked that idea in her head was that I had shared that my father had that same auto-immune condition. Additionally, I shared that he had been off medication for many years and was thriving. 

She didn’t know that was a possibility for her! 

Just in hearing this, there was a tremendous physical healing change that happened. Her eyes were opened to the next step. 

When I say that these retreats are transformational, I mean it! 

When you come in with the right energy, and you are working with the right people, a healing retreat is very powerful. 

Living in a Space of Fear

Another piece was in those three years, she realized that she was living in a space of fear around that illness taking her life. 

She was so worried that one day she would wake up and be wheel-chair bound. That fear had been living with her for well over 30 years. 

She found some new practitioners that were really supportive of her healing and were a balance of Western and holistic. 

She’s no longer living in fear and is feeling freer, more vibrant, and in control of her health.

Manifesting Your Desires

The third piece to this is when we were at this retreat we pulled cards – and the card she pulled was retirement. 

In her mind, she had plenty of financial struggles in her life, and retirement was nowhere on her radar. 

Now she happily reported to me that two weeks before the upcoming retreat (that she is also attending), she is going to retire! 

At the previous retreat, she had no image of retirement on her mind, and now she is happily retiring and moving to be closer with her family.

So many seeds were planted at that retreat – about physical health, about her diet, about medication, about mental state, about what kind of freedom she gets to live in, and what kind of financial abundance she gets to experience. 

Is the Transformation Immediate? 

When you attend a retreat or live event, do you leave a completely different person? To some degree, yes. 

Yet, your whole life won’t change overnight. 

However, it did start a ripple over three years. 

Now, this person is coming back and she is ready for her next level of transformation and healing. 

I can’t even imagine where this retreat will take her over the next few years. 

I just really wanted to share this story because there were so many pieces that came to fruition during that time, especially during the lockdown and during stressful times for her. There was so much healing even during the stress of the world!

Her vibration has changed. Her mental outlook has changed. All of that is creating a different external reality for her. Now she gets to come full circle with all that healing and know that this next experience is going to bring another level of healing.

It really is transformational.

If you have an opportunity to attend a retreat or attend a live event, do it. 

With the right people, of course! 

You want to make sure you are choosing to work with people who have done their inner healing work, who are holding good space, and who are creating a really clean energetic environment.

What If I’m Afraid?

It doesn’t mean you won’t be afraid after you sign up. 

You are going to get really excited and then you are going to think, “What did I just do!?” 

That’s a normal response. That’s the ego kicking up!

Thank your ego, but choose expansion.

I was so thrilled to reconnect with her and share a piece of her story. 

That is the power of transformation at retreats. 

It’s a powerful place to plant seeds, surrounded by so much love and compassion.

Come join me in September at my healing retreat!

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