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Why Willpower is So Exhausting & What To Do Instead {Video}

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Here’s the true difference between willpower vs alignment – and how to stay in alignment with the Universe without pushing or forcing.

Have you ever struggled with the idea that you don’t have enough willpower?

It takes so much willpower to eat healthy.

It takes so much willpower to get up early and workout.

Or, it must require so much willpower to work such long hours.

For me, I don’t use willpower in anything that I do.

Not in my business, not in my relationships, and not in my food choices.

There’s so much preaching and teaching that we need a lot of willpower to get things done. We are told if we want to reach our goals, we need discipline and willpower.

We really need the opposite of willpower, which is alignment.

What Does It Mean to Use Willpower?

When it comes to willpower vs alignment, we need to truly understand willpower. Being in willpower feels forceful, restrictive, and has limited energy.


When you use willpower, you are in force. You are trying to make something happen. You are being driven by the ego.

There’s external noise or influence that tells you that you have to do something a certain way in order to be successful.


Willpower feels restrictive, like you are trying to make yourself do something you don’t like.

Accordingly, willpower will take you only so far.

You might have enough willpower to not eat chocolate cake or to go to the gym, but willpower doesn’t last. It’s short-lived.

Limited Energy

With willpower, you are relying on your own physical energy.

The amount of energy in our physical bodies is very limited compared to the energy in the universe. The Universe’s energy is infinite.

You want to shift your thoughts from lack, willpower, and restrictiveness into alignment.

What Does It Mean to be in Alignment?

When thinking about willpower vs alignment, alignment is an easy, beautiful feeling with lots of joyful energy.

Feels Easy and Flowing

Alignment is when you make choices and decisions that feel really good.

That doesn’t mean that you indulge in whatever you want – spending all your money and experiencing debt.

It doesn’t mean eating chocolate cake because it feels good and then feeling sick afterward.

Alignment is saying, I really love fresh orange juice every morning. It’s really delicious, and it feels really good for me right now.”

With juicing oranges every morning, there are some things that might stop you. It takes too much time, it’s too expensive, or you’re using too many oranges.

Yet, when you make a decision from that loving space, it feels joyful and aligned. It’s nurturing and nourishing to your emotional body and your soul.

Joyful and Abundant Energy

When you are making decisions from alignment (vs willpower), you are relying on universal energy.

Then, when little things pop up, the universe will support you because your decision was made out of love, and your energy is coming from a higher space.

When you are making decisions from love, you will always be supported in those decisions.

On a personal note, I invested in an expensive mastermind that was a huge financial investment and time investment.

I didn’t know how I would pay for it.

However, I knew in my heart and soul that it was what I needed to do. It was the sisterhood that I needed, it was the mentor that I needed, and ultimately, it was a decision of self-love.

Not to mention, it has paid me back threefold and will continue to do so.


Because it was an aligned decision.

Pendulum Metaphor

To go deeper into what alignment means, think of a swinging pendulum.

In the middle, you are in alignment with yourself. You are in alignment with your soul desires. You are in alignment with your intuition.

We often tip to one side and come out of alignment. That is when the ego kicks in and says, “Don’t do that. That’s not for you. You’ll never be that good.” The ego starts running its mouth in your head.

When you are in alignment and make a decision from a space of self-love, gratitude, joy, trust, and surrender, those decisions are supported.

You get the desired outcome that you are looking for.

Then, the process is easy and simple. You are relying on cosmic universal divine energy. You aren’t relying on willpower, adrenaline, force, and struggle.

This is also bringing in the divine feminine energy, rather than the masculine force that comes with willpower. The divine feminine is very connected to intuition.

How Can I Stay in Alignment?

Alignment comes from a space of high vibration. Willpower comes from a very low vibration.

Observe yourself as you are making decisions.

Ask yourself:

  • Am I in willpower as I make this decision, or am I in alignment?
  • What’s my emotional state?
  • Am I scared yet feel a knowingness inside of me?

The more you practice staying in alignment, the better you’ll become.

Yet, you have to start with self-care.

  • Get enough sleep
  • Manage your energy through whatever type of energy healing resonates for you
  • Take salt baths
  • Use Essential oils
  • Rest when your body needs rest

All these are forms of self-care that keep you in your highest vibration.

Willpower vs Alignment Takeaways

When thinking about willpower vs alignment, staying in alignment gets easier when you get familiar with what it feels like.

The key to getting familiar is stillness.

That’s why meditation is so powerful.

That’s why a salt bath is powerful.

And, that’s why walking in nature is so powerful.

When you do all of these things, you have turned off the noise of society and the rules of the culture and have come back to your own space in a natural environment.

Any of those steps will help you come into soul alignment and then help you cultivate practices that keep you in soul alignment as much as possible.

Alignment is a practice that takes a level of commitment and energy.

The more you invest in alignment, the easier decisions become, the more you are energetically paid back, and the more you are receiving the energy of the Universe.

So, observe yourself and your emotional vibrational state.

It always comes back to this – internal observation without judgment.

Focus on alignment.

Ditch willpower. It’s not serving you.

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