How to Gently Inspire Others to Heal {Video}

Help others heal by sharing!

Here’s how you can gently inspire others to heal without pushing your healing journey on others.

Today I’m going to answer a burning question in the healing world.

What do you do when you have experienced profound healing and you want to share it with others, but they aren’t on the same wavelength as you?

Let’s say that you experience a small or even a large miracle in your physical health, emotional health, or spiritual wellbeing.

You just went through this awakening process and want to shout it from the rooftops. You want everyone to know – you want everyone to start doing this!

However, your friend, parent, or spouse isn’t there yet.

Maybe they aren’t into spirituality. Maybe they aren’t interested in shifting to a plant-based diet. Or, maybe deep healing work doesn’t translate for them. They just aren’t on the same wavelength.

So, how do you manage that?

The short answer is by keeping your mouth shut.

If you try and share your experience, in an effort to convert others, you are met with resistance.

Allowing Others Their Space

Think about when you go to the mall to quickly run into a store, and there is a salesperson at the kiosk urging you to buy their product.

You aren’t interested and try not to make eye contact. It doesn’t matter what the product is – you don’t want to hear their sales pitch. Nor do you want to be heckled. You want to keep walking.  

That’s how people feel when we say, “You have to try cutting that out of your diet.” Or, “You have to get a session with this person! It will help you, like it did with me.”  

These recommendations, which come from a place of love, actually push the person away.

If this person is meant to use those tools that you are using, it won’t pass over them.

Yet, we all have to come into healing in our own time.

For some that happens early, for some that happens later. And, for some it never happens because it’s either not part of their journey or not something they desire.

When you are going through this healing process, if you try to force it on those that aren’t ready, you end up creating more resistance for them.

Your job is not to be the teacher of those that haven’t asked for teaching. Allow people their process and their space.

Also, remember there are so many different tools and paths to ascension. Not everyone needs to go plant-based, not everyone needs to meditate.

Everyone has a different path, and everyone has different teachers.

Again, what is for someone will not pass over them.

How to Inspire Others to Find Their Own Healing Journey In the Way That You Found Yours

Inspire Others to Heal

Our job is to be the beacon. It is to lead by example and to spread the light in daily interactions.

Allow your energy to ripple out and trickle down the family lines. The people that want the healing will find it.

If someone comes to you and says, “Wow you look great.” Or, “You look lighter!” Then they’ve opened the door, and you might give them what they are ready to receive.

However, don’t push or force.

Relationships Might Change

As you continue to ascend, the higher you go, the fewer the people are up there.

Some people think that ascension can be lonely. You can lose some friendships, and relationship change. That’s okay.

However, letting go of what no longer serves you gives you space for new, beautiful relationships.

The nice thing about the Internet is that you can easily connect with others that are like you. There are also amazing masterminds and circles that you can join to find like-minded people.

You are doing AMAZING healing work

The fact that you aren’t sharing your healing with everyone you meet shouldn’t take away from the beautiful work you are doing.

The physical healing, emotional change, the sense of groundedness, and feelings of peace and knowingness.

You are going through the process of ascension. Transcending the ego, releasing limiting beliefs, and moving into higher vibration emotions.

You don’t want to stop the work you are doing. You just want to honor and respect everyone’s process. That will inspire others to heal.

Takeaway Tips

Remember, even though you want to inspire others to heal, this is a journey on your own – of your own deep, inner work. We can do it in divine connection, sisterhood, brotherhood, circles, and in a relationship, but it’s primarily a solo journey.

It’s a voyage we take on our own. Remember this is your path and someone else’s path is different. Paths will split.

Also, we will all make mistakes along the way to realize where that boundary is with the new energy field that you are living in.

  • Don’t try to convince or convert anyone.
  • Don’t open up a conversation that hasn’t been initiated.
  • Remain grounded in your light, grounded in your compassion.
  • Witness where people are and respect that.
  • Remain strong in your healing.
  • Be that beacon. Be that light.

I hope this message serves you in navigating the changes as you ascend. Sending you all my love!

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