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How to Step Out of Victimhood and Into Humility {Video}

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Here’s how you can step out of victimhood and into humility, trust, and surrender. Taking these steps will propel your healing forward in significant ways.

There’s no doubt that life has its challenges. As we go through painful parts of our lives, sometimes we start to feel like a victim.

However, having a victim mentality can be a major block to our healing.

When we are in victimhood, we are stuck in the low-vibrational, 3-D emotions. Here, we feel powerless, like we have no control over our life. Essentially, all our power has been given away to some external person or thing.

Being in victimhood is reflected in your body. When in this mindset, you have a really imbalanced solar plexus. Your solar plexus is your energy center for empowerment.

If you lose all your energy in that energy center, there’s no way to make your life better when you feel like you are constantly a victim.

You have to step out of victimhood.

How to Step Out of Victimhood

The way to step out of victimhood is through the process of humility.

Humility is when you start to admit that you have made mistakes.

You start to accept responsibility for the role you have played in creating your life the way it is. You start to understand that your outer world is a reflection of your inner world.

As you can start to take ownership and make changes, then you will see that reflected in your outer world.

This step of humility can be a tough step to take.

Yet, it’s a huge leap in turns of moving up the ascension scale.

You are moving out of the 3-D mentality and into the 4-D. The 3-D mindset is very lack-based and fear-based.

As you start to take responsibility, your thoughts create your beliefs. Your beliefs create your reality. Then, you realize that you do have some control.

Painful Life Circumstances

Of course, there are things we don’t have control over. There can be awful life circumstances, such as accidents, disabilities, and travesties. You have not attracted these through your thoughts or beliefs.

Some of these painful or difficult things are part of our soul contracts. We have agreed to come into this life with certain baggage. We have agreed to come into certain lines with generational traumas.

And, we have agreed to certain circumstances that are going to create points of pain that will drive us to change and expand.

Those points of pain are spaces for our biggest learning.

We have to experience darkness and polarity, so we can come to the extreme opposite, which is light.

Then, we find a balance point where we can be grounded and part of the 3-D world without being victim to it.

When You Move Out of Victimhood

A lot of what we are experiencing is a result of our limiting beliefs, our programming, and our generational influence through our family lines. When we can start to recognize and unravel that, then we no longer are in victimhood.

For example, we may find ourselves thinking these things:

  • I believe that all the good men are taken.
  • Making money is hard, and I have to hustle.
  • Physical healing is hard. I’m going to have to be so strict.

These stories are holding you in the same spot.

As you start to move into 4-D and step out of victimhood, you realize that you have more control than you think.

We can’t control external circumstances, but we can control our reactions. We can step into real sovereignty and into the 5-D.

Yet, we have to trust and surrender.

How to Step Away From Victimhood and Into Humility

Everything Serves a Purpose

Stepping out of victimhood is really connecting to our higher power, our higher selves.

Everything in our life is serving a purpose. Even if it feels messy, insane, and makes no sense.

If you can trust that these experiences are showing up to help us and to teach us, this will surely move you forward in great ways.

Those points of pain are the most powerful places for manifesting what we do want. The biggest step you can take is the step of humility. This means recognizing that things aren’t happening to you, they are happening for you.

If you can embrace the lessons and pain to propel you forward, then you will start to see quantum shifts in your life.

This is not an easy step.

Yet, this is where most people have a spiritual awakening. They get to a point where they feel like they can’t live in the same way anymore. Hitting this spiritual rock-bottom enables you the opportunity to take accountability and make changes.

Stepping Out of Victimhood Take-Aways

You are more powerful in creating your life than you realize.

Watch your thoughts, your beliefs, the stories – watch all the stuff in the head. That is not you. Come back into the body and get centered.

Play with how to take accountability and step out of victimhood. Releasing the feeling of being a victim is an incredible way to start manifesting what you do want.

Also, bring it back to self-observation and the vision you want for your life.

I hope this advice helps you step out of victimhood and into humility with no judgment.

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