Divinely Nourished Mastermind

Accelerate Your Healing Through the Power of Energy & Intention

Cohort 2 of the Mastermind will begin January 2022

This is a high-level coaching & healing program for women who are ready to take their healing to the next level.

This 8-month transformative experience will expand your mind, heal your body, and ignite your spirit. You will cultivate new levels of vitality, joy, and abundance in your life.

In her Divinely Nourished Mastermind, Rachel creates a sacred space dedicated to your highest potential.

Rachel has a unique ability to see You – to see your potential, your Spirit, your Soul mission, and life purpose. She has the unique ability to help you re-align with your Higher Self.

Healing is meant to be joyful.

Too often in life, we are carrying heavy burdens – physical symptoms, emotional baggage, fear, and limiting beliefs.

Rachel will help you shed that weight and reconnect to your intuition. She illuminates a Universal potential for you that is much greater than what our own minds can see.

Accessing this level of your Higher Self requires a clean vessel, a clear mind, and a knowingness that you deserve to live the life of your wildest dreams.

What would it mean to be fully supported in achieving these dreams?

Are you ready?

In the Divinely Nourished Mastermind, you will:

Raise your vibration, so you can invite extraordinary outcomes into your life

Get closer to soul alignment, experiencing more joy, love, and peace

Cleanse your physical vessel in a loving, intuitive way to reduce symptoms and gently detoxify your body

Gain true sisterhood, connecting with a group of soul sisters who speak your language, vibrate at your frequency, and whole-heartedly support your growth

Release the inner blocks, programming, and trauma that limit your potential, so you can live a more joyful, abundant life

Reclaim your inner goddess. Access the beautiful, wild, spontaneous, powerful, fierce woman inside of you

Develop embodiment practices that move you out of your head and reconnect you with your heart and soul

Reignite your intuition, so you can be peacefully guided by your Higher Power

“What an incredible gift you have, and I feel so blessed to have found you on my healing journey! I felt A LOT bubble up for me and resulting in tears. You’re an angel yourself!”

The Inspiration for Divinely Nourished

I have personally experienced the miracles that come from alignment with your Higher Self and the power of being guided through a healing journey with a group of women.

A high vibrational, plant-based diet was the gateway to massive change in my life. It helped me shed layers upon layers of emotional wounds, trauma, fear, and collective programming.

Physical healing and emotional freedom was the foundation that opened up my intuitive gifts.

As my intuition began to guide me, my life changed quickly. I am now healthy, financially abundant, joyful, and able to quickly manifest my desires.

I’ve been through so much – foreclosure, divorce, motherhood, “autoimmunity”, sexual trauma. All of it has served to build me up into the healer and lightworker that I am today.

Your story has the power to heal you.

It’s never too late or too difficult. You’re never too far gone. If you can imagine it, your soul knows it’s already yours.

This Mastermind is a sacred space – free of judgment and full of life force. It’s a safe space for deep healing and transformation.

I sincerely hope you will join me in reclaiming your divine feminine power, your physical health, and your emotional freedom.

The Divinely Nourished Mastermind includes:

1 Private Coaching Call every month

Every month, you’ll receive one private 60 minute session.

2 Group Coaching Calls every month

Every month, there will be two 75 minute group calls.

Special Guest Healers throughout

Rachel will be inviting amazing guest healers to this sacred space.

The coaching program also includes:

  • Energy healing & spiritual readings
  • Guided meditations
  • Unlimited email support between sessions with Rachel
  • Access to a private Facebook group for support, networking & connection
  • OPTIONAL Divinely Nourished Retreat on September, 16-19, 2021 in Newport, Rhode Island

“Your intuitive wisdom flows so beautifully and effortlessly through your spoken words. You have such a wealth of knowledge to share with all of us. How blessed I am to have been part of your group.”


In private sessions, we will work through:

  • Emotional and energetic blocks to healing
  • Soul-nourishing food and supplement plan
  • Emotion code sessions to release emotional baggage
  • Chakra readings and energy healing to help you gain clarity on your soul purpose, soul contracts, and life mission
  • Creating clarity about your true desires

“Oh my goodness, Rachel!!! I don’t even have the words to describe how incredible our session was! It feels like my soul is doing somersaults! Everything you said resonated so deeply with me. I seriously can’t thank you enough. You’re truly a Godsend. I’m so so so grateful!”

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