Here’s Why Shadow Work is a Key Step in Manifesting Something Amazing {Video}

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If you are looking to manifest something amazing into your life, it is absolutely critical to address any fears or shadow work that you have.

There might be something in your life that you have been trying to manifest. If it’s not showing up, shadow work might be the key reason.

In 2019, I was beginning to play more with the process of manifesting, which means energetically calling something into your life without working super hard or trying to control it.

Manifesting is all about being in the energy and frequency of what you want and allowing it to show up.

What Did I Manifest?

So, I put a black Lexus on my manifestation list.

It felt really luxurious, and I don’t know if I ever thought I would drive a car like that. But, I loved it, so I threw it on the vision board and in my journal. Why not!?

I did a tremendous amount of healing work from 2019-2020, and my business started becoming very profitable.

Then, this year in 2021, I set a goal to pay off all my credit card debt by May. I had 23K in debt when I left my marriage.

With a great sigh of relief, in May, I paid off the last of it.

At that same time, I decided to call in that I wanted 10k to buy a new vehicle. I knew I would need a new car this year. My current car had a lot of miles and a lot of issues. So, I set that intention.

I wanted the new vehicle for the fall for my retreat.

How Did the Money Show Up?

Yet, I looked at the income I knew was coming in and at my savings, and there was not 10k to buy a vehicle this summer.

I didn’t panic, I just said, “I would like 10K as a down payment for this vehicle.”

A couple of days later, I got a call from my accountant over my tax return. She told me that I was getting a state check for $10 and a federal check for over $9K.

I was shocked because I was expecting to pay a lot of money in taxes as I had my first six-figure year.

The money I wanted arrived!

Shadow Work Also Showed Up

The universe gave me my money for my car. Yet, I paused. I had limiting beliefs and shadow work come up.

The universe in its infinite wisdom set the money for the car, but my fears came up so I didn’t get the vehicle.

A couple of weeks after that, my old car wouldn’t start. I started to panic because I needed to get to my horse show.

My sister looks at me and says, “You just need a new car.”

The next day, I bought the black Lexus.

I got the car, I got a great trade-in, and then two days later, all the shadow work hits me.

All the things that were blocking me from the vehicle came up. Most especially guilt.

I felt guilty about being successful. I felt all the shame of white privilege. Also, I felt all the sadness and suffering for those that don’t have.

This is the energy we hold in our bodies that blocks us. This comes from my family line, my own programming, my own empathic nature.

I had to work through that, and it motivated me to take the next steps to give back to my community.

Additionally, I told myself that buying a luxury vehicle doesn’t hurt anyone. I have worked for it, and I have done tremendous amounts of healing work.

My goal is to grow my business to give back so much more.

My own shame around success and my own guilt were all blocking me from being abundant and calling in the amount of profit and revenue that I desire.

Your Own Manifesting And Shadow Work

If you are trying to call something in but part of you feels that you don’t deserve it, you might be blocking what you are trying to manifest.

If you don’t believe it, that partner, that vehicle, or that money won’t show up.

Dig into what is blocking you from what you desire!

I chose to work through the fear, to channel the low vibration energy into a positive experience.

And, I love driving that car – it makes me happy, so happy!

I feel safe, I have music playing, and I have more room for everything. It keeps me in a high vibration, so I can do everything that I do better.

We still live in the 3D. Our bodies are on this plane. We get to enjoy food, luxury, vehicles, sex, beautiful scenes, and really live it up.

If you are trying to manifest something, really ask yourself what are my limiting beliefs? What do I really feel like I deserve?

Set your timelines, do your manifestation rituals, but also address your shadow.

Sending you so much love and light!

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