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Here’s Why You Have to Stop Entertaining Other People’s Limiting Beliefs {Video}

Help others heal by sharing!

Learn why you should stop listening to other people’s limiting beliefs (and your own too) and start making decisions from your heart.

Have you ever been in a situation where you are so excited about something, and then the person you share with is less than impressed?

That’s happened to me so many times.

At first, it used to bother me. However, now I realize their response comes from their own limiting beliefs and has nothing to do with me or my journey.

People are always going to tell you, “No, you can’t do that.”

This response is based on their own set of experiences and their own set of limiting beliefs. Deep down, they don’t believe that they can do that.

You should never listen to other people’s limiting beliefs, especially in regard to making your own decisions.

Don’t Fall Into Limiting Beliefs

You can have, you can do, and you can be whatever it is that you want.

When you have a desire that comes from a place of soul alignment and service to the collective, you will be supported. When it comes from a place of sharing your gifts with the world, you will be supported.  

If people cannot see your potential because they are trapped in their own limiting beliefs, they are not going to not support you in a decision.

For a personal example, I had a vision of creating a 6-figure business, where I worked 3 days a week, and I coached women through their healing journey.

I heard a lot about how I couldn’t do that without hustling or without burning myself out. I heard that working three days wouldn’t garner a salary like that.

Guess what?!

I did that, I have that, I do that.

I am living out my dream of being financially supported, working in a really beautiful way, and having all my needs met.

My dreams are only going to get bigger, higher, and serve more people.

Yours can too.

A Sea of Limiting Beliefs

I had an accountant tell me that I couldn’t charge a certain amount because, in his set of limiting beliefs, not even lawyers charge that.

I don’t need his limiting beliefs.

You’ll have medical professionals tell you that you’ll have a condition for life. They might tell you that you’ll always have to be on medication.

Hundreds of people have healed, gotten off their meds, and reversed chronic illness.

I reversed psoriasis that was supposed to be a lifelong autoimmune condition.

People are always going to tell you that you can’t do something.

Your Important Work

Below you will find ways to stop entertaining other people’s limiting beliefs and yours, as well as how to step into the life that your heart desires.

Stop Listening to Other People’s Limiting Beliefs

The first part of your work is to stop listening to the limiting beliefs of others.

Recognize Your Own Limiting Beliefs

The next part of your work is to start to recognize your own limiting beliefs.

We have been programmed to believe that we can’t have what we want and desire.

You’ll never be able to make that much money. That’s for other people.

You’ll never have that relationship. You aren’t worthy of that. No, you don’t get to have that.

We have all these limiting beliefs. I had a client who said her financial advisor told her that she couldn’t leave her job until she made a certain amount of money each month.

Do you really need to make that amount of money?

What set of beliefs is your financial advisor working from?

Set Your Intention

My set of beliefs is that I can generate tremendous amounts of income while working three days a week.

By doing so, I can also be peaceful and grounded and truly change the lives of a lot of people.

That’s my belief. That’s what I will do.

Never would I want to live an ultra-conscious, super careful life.

I want to live a grandiose life – a radically magnificent life. I want an eleven out of ten life! It is my belief that I deserve that.

If you believe that you can only have a five out of ten life, and if everyone around you is telling you that, that’s what you’ll get.

However, start to energetically separate yourself from the energies that are telling you that your desires are not achievable.

As you start to separate, look around and watch others do what you desire. You’ll realize that you are no different from the people who have what you want to have.

I am no different than you. I am not more intuitive or gifted.

The biggest contributor to my success and ridding myself of limiting beliefs is to continue to do my own healing work.

I continue to witness my own fears, integrate my own shadow, and continuously know and have a vision for what it is that I do want.

That is my process.

That may be the only thing that I am doing differently than you.

And now, you’ve heard me say it, and you can do it too.

A Healing Practice

A lot of you are telling me that you want to have a healing practice.

You want to work online, and you want to help other women and people to create a better life for themselves. You can do that!

Watch your limiting beliefs that come up.

Again, you are no different than me, or any other author, coach, healer, or practitioner. You can have whatever it is that you desire.

Remember, the process to getting there is doing your own inner healing work and shutting out those naysayers.  

A Personal Story

I made a big investment in a coaching program. I invested more than half of what I made that year. Notably, I didn’t have that money, as I was on a payment plan.

People told me that I was putting them in an early grave for making that investment.

People told me that I was blowing through money.

A lot of people shamed me and shunned me for investing in that program.

That program changed my life.

I am a different version of myself because of that program. I am so grateful that I made that investment, didn’t listen to the naysayers, and followed my own intuition.

It was scary – absolutely terrifying, but I followed my soul’s desire.

That program has paid me back tenfold, and it will continue to pay me back. It was an investment in myself that if I really committed to my own healing work, I would be taken care of.

I am so passionate about this topic now because every one of you out there deserves to feel the success, the security, the excitement, the fulfillment, and the joy.

You deserve all of these things at the level that I have them and more.

Because I’m not done.

I am only going bigger with this. I’m only expanding my consciousness. I’m only raising my vibration.

And, I’m only showing up more passionately and powerfully and allowing you to step up into this vibration as well.

Follow What Feeds Your Soul

When people give you sets of rules and belief systems and try to lock you into some narrow rigid path in life, do not buy into that.

You are forging your own path and following your own intuition.

You are making decisions from a space of what you desire in life that feeds your soul.

Stop Listening to Others' Limiting Beliefs | Rachel Pelisson Healing

Making Decisions From Your Heart

However, remember not to make these decisions from a space of ego. Not from a space of “I need to do this to prove that I am worthy…”

That will crash and burn on you.

Yet, from a space of serving your divine purpose on this planet.

When you follow that and you align with what your soul is telling you, you will always be supported. You will always be paid back.

It doesn’t mean that there aren’t bumps in the road. I’ve cried thousands of tears in my journey to get where I am, but I cry a lot fewer tears now.

I will continue to move on and up in my journey.

If you have a dream, put the earplugs in, and do not listen to what anyone else tells you about that dream.

Go get it.

That is why you are here. It is your divine purpose.

That is your soul, God, source, divinity speaking through you to create a better life on this earth.

If we shrink down and follow the rules, we are stuck. We won’t go anywhere. When we start to say “no” to what people are telling us, we feel empowered to become wealthy spiritual women that we were meant to be.

Healing ourselves, healing our children, healing our sisters, and healing our generational past.

We are making radical change shifting our own vibration and then moving that energy out into other spaces.

I am inviting you to join this mission as well.

Whatever your desire, create your life in a way where you can serve people. Go after it. It will heal you beyond your wildest dreams.

Limiting Beliefs Take-Aways

Feel into, dream into, reach into the things you desire in your life. Achieving those things will help to heal yourself and the people around you that you desire to serve.

I hope that starts to light a little fire under you.

Don’t listen to other people’s limiting beliefs. Observe yours.

Start to believe, and know that if you desire it, it’s already yours.

You can do this.

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