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The Energetics of Body Weight Workshop {Video}

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In this Energetics of Body Weight Workshop, Rachel shares her personal healing story and experience from her 15+ years working with clients as a nutritionist. She also shares the Divine guidance she has received on undesired weight gain & emotional eating.

In this workshop, Rachel shares her teaching and personal story leads a channeled healing meditation, and gives a live Q&A at the end.

Journaling and self-reflection exercises are also included.

Energetics of Body Weight

Books mentioned in the video:

Essential oils also referenced in the video:

  • Grapefruit – Honoring the body
  • Cilantro – Releasing control and helping to detox negative emotions
  • Copaiba – Unveiling and safely exploring unintegrated parts of the shadow

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Overweight most of her childhood, Rachel struggled with emotional eating for decades. However, at 38 years old, Rachel maintains her lowest body weight without restriction or forced exercise. She additionally eats in harmony with her body and emotions.

Rachel attributes her success to deep inner healing work. Additionally, she has healed trauma. She has also integrated the shadow aspects of the self.

This also means releasing familial and generational programming, and focusing on joy & self-love.

In this workshop, Rachel helps you:

  • Understand how energy in all forms affects your body weight (This means thoughts, beliefs, inner dialogue, trapped emotions, and also traumas.)
  • Assimilate how inner conflict and misalignment creates emotional and physical baggage
  • Move from control, restriction, judgment, and resistance to self-love, compassion, and joy
  • Begin to witness your own stress triggers and emotional eating patterns
  • Understand why diets and additional restriction don’t work
  • Harness the power of energy healing, raise your vibration, and use self-observation to shift your reality

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