How a Plant-Based Diet Raises Your Vibration {Video}

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Shifting to a plant-based diet is important to physical healing. Find out how a plant-based diet raises your vibration.

Not only does a plant-based diet heal, but it also raises your vibration, promoting emotional and spiritual healing.

Living food has the highest vibration.
First, plants are living which means they have a dramatically higher vibration than other foods.

Nutrients in plant foods energize your cells.
Next, the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals are healing your body and revitalizing your energy which raises your emotional and spiritual vibration.

Plants have living water, the highest vibration water.
Plants are also hydrating, filled with living water, which hydrates on a cellular level and raises the energy of your cells.

Plant-based diets are highly detoxifying.
Additionally, plant-based diets are very detoxifying so they are removing old toxins, old energy, old junk that is stuck in your system and replacing it with higher vibrational energy.

Overall, health and vitality are better, so you feel better emotionally.
Last, daily energy levels are better. You feel better and you sleep better!

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