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Connecting Physical Healing, Emotional Wounds, and Intuition {Video}

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In this interview with holistic health coach Evonne Britton, I share how connecting physical and emotional healing is profoundly important and how it relates to reconnecting with your own intuition.

In discussing connecting physical and emotional healing with holistic health coach Evonne Britton, one powerful message resonates:

You are your own greatest healer.

My Path Toward Healing Physical Symptoms

In this video, I share more details than ever about how I came from a background of Western medicine.

I explain how I found my way to opening my own private nutrition practice and how my continuous search for answers led to powerful healing information.

Also, I share my physical symptoms that I was healing, including my struggle with my weight, my experience with psoriasis, difficulty sleeping, adrenal fatigue, hair loss, and food cravings.

Emotional Wounds Arose

Healing my physical symptoms led me to a spiritual journey, where I had repressed trauma come to light.

Trauma that my body had held onto, but was finally ready to let go.

I discuss how this connected the dots for me, as I realized that this emotional trauma led me to using food as a coping mechanism, resulting in weight gain.

This was a key part of my healing, where I realized that it wasn’t just about physical symptoms.

Healing is multi-faceted and also deeply connects to emotional trauma.

In this interview with Evonne, I discuss how working through physical symptoms and really nurturing the emotional aspect works wonders.

Reconnecting with Intuition

In doing my own healing and cleansing work, my intuitive abilities have opened up.

Now in my practice, I focus more on the intuitive work, but intuition is very much related to nutrition.

Connecting Physical and Emotional Healing

I share how with physical healing, you can open the energy channels in your body and help transform your emotions into a tool that guides you.

Healing is about fueling your body properly and going through this emotional process of letting go of what no longer serves you.

In the interview with Evonne, I share how this has resulted in a profound shift for my clients and me.

The Role of Energy in Healing

In healing emotional wounds, so many of us realize that we are carrying around heavy energy.

Many times this energy doesn’t even belong to us.

Cleaning up this energy is astronomically important. It shifts your vibration and helps you bring it back to yourself.

I discuss how my perspective is unique because I have a foot in the nutrition world and a foot in the spiritual world.

My role in being an intuitive healer is merging these two worlds.

You won’t be able to meditate away Epstein-Barr Virus, while you also can’t juice away childhood trauma.

You have to really connect these things to make profound shifts.

Ways You Can Make Energetic Shifts

Below are just a few ways that you can start to make energetic shifts.

  • Reconnecting to the messages that the heart sends.
  • Taking deep breaths during the day.
  • Starting to take note of non-judgmental observations. Are you in victimhood, resentment, or anger all day? Those are key things to be aware of to start shifting out old energy.
  • Making meditation a part of your day. I have some incredible meditations, such as this one with Archangel Metatron.
  • Grounding yourself. Grounding is energetically connecting to the earth. It helps the energy flow through the body to be more balanced. Grounding can produce really big energy shifts. We are always thinking about pathogens and toxins, but there’s a whole energetic body too that can shift physical things.

Working with Rachel

I’ve always been highly empathic. Previously, this felt like a terrible burden. Now it has become a superpower for me.

I can easily tap into my clients’ blocks right away before going into a meditative state.

When I work with clients, I know how to help them navigate the nutritional work as well as the emotional journey of working through trauma.

While everyone’s path is unique, I love to help people get back to themselves, back to their true center.

It starts with listening to what your body wants. Part of the healing journey is connecting your physical and emotional healing, which restores your own intuition.

Find out more about my sessions and the tools I use in the interview.

Last, I share how your healing experience should be joyful. You are reconnecting with yourself, as your own greatest healer.

To learn more about scheduling a session with me, check out Work with Rachel.

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