Healing the Scarcity Wound with Root Chakra Work {Video}

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Here’s how to use root chakra work to start healing the scarcity or lack wound that’s deep within all of us.

Lack and scarcity run deep for most women.

It is only in the last century that women have been able to scratch the surface of their own abundance. Now is the time to fully embrace your ability to create wealth, health, joy, love, support, and whatever else you desire in overflowing amounts.

We will put these principles into action in a manifesting exercise & gratitude practice.

Healing the Scarcity Wound Video

Essential Oils Used

The below essential oils are great for the root chakra. A lot of the root chakra oils are wood-based rather than flower-based.

  • Patchouli
  • Sandalwood
  • Vetiver

What is the Root Chakra?

The root chakra is our basic survival chakra. This is where we hold the energy of our tribe and our basic needs for survival. It really holds and grounds the 3D human experience.

If there is a core wound in the root chakra that is really activating the nervous system, it can throw us off.

The root chakra is really working with the subconscious mind and the subconscious mind of our tribe.

Importance of Connection to Our Tribe

This connection to our tribe is super important.

Our tribe is a bigger unit. It comes from both our family line and collective tribe at the time we choose to incarnate.

In this era, a lot of us are experiencing a real disconnect from our tribe. If you think about the human collective as a whole, ask yourself how connected do you feel to your country, to your state?

We are no longer a tribe of 75 or 100 people. We are a global tribe. Figuring out how we work in the global community can get confusing, and this is triggering a lot of wounds in the root chakra.

Evolution of Root Chakra Wound

Historically, the root chakra wound would be not having enough food, water, water, or people.

Yet, our tribe has gotten so big that our sense of security in the world can really be challenged.

There’s an evolution of our root chakra that’s happening. We’ve lost this connection to our tribe.

When we are in a wounded root chakra, we are in scarcity, lack, or fear.

This is the year for root chakra healing.

Higher Chakras

A lot of us have been working on our higher chakras, but we are coming back to these real core issues of how to function as a human with a higher level of consciousness when the large majority is living in 3D?

There is still a lot of violence and oppression going on in the world.

So, we have moved from small tribes to a huge global community. We have also moved into individualism. There is a lot more ability to express ourselves, instead of having to fit in with a tribe to survive.

However, it’s also left us with a bit of a wound. So, we have to cultivate our new tribe. This is part of what my work is being moved to – creating connection and community with women who are working on their healing and stepping into roles as healing. I am connecting tribes of women who hold similar vibrations.

Role of the Divine Feminine

Women lost the ability to be creators when men became the head of the family and held all the power. We are just coming back into this space, where women are starting to be able to fulfill the basic needs of the root chakra.

Women were put in these silos, where we had to be submissive to men and run the household within a budget of money. There wasn’t free choice.

Before it was forced dependence upon your husband to survive and function. Now, you within yourself can create all the safety and security that you need.

A lot of us are holding this wound, and it might not even be from our own life experiences. It might be from generational trauma passed down to us.

Imagine if you were in an abusive marriage, but you couldn’t leave. You were stuck. You didn’t have a safe tribe. That creates scarcity, fear, and lack. And, you didn’t have the autonomy to get what you needed for yourself.

Now, we are reclaiming our sovereignty at higher and higher levels, but there is often this deep or unconscious fear held in the root chakra that it isn’t safe for us to do that.

Women have been searching for his freedom and independence, and we’ve been receiving it but there’s this core wound of having lost our tribe as women.

This is healing the collective. The Divine Feminine energy is coming in so strong!

There is this dichotomy that we want our own businesses, and we want to be independent, but we have this core lack or scarcity wound that we may not even be aware of.

Scarcity Wound Journal Questions

The following questions will help you with your root chakra work:

  • Where do you experience scarcity in your life (real or perceived)?
  • What do you desire more of that you’re having trouble receiving?
  • Where is there history of trauma around lack/scarcity for yourself or your family/ancestors?

Be sure to check out the above video for the powerful scarcity wound meditation!

Sending you so much love and light!

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