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Why You Should Let Go of Fear & How to Step into Trust and Surrender {Video}

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Here’s why you need to let go of living in fear and move into trusting and surrendering.

There’s a lot of fear right now around the unknown.

We may feel comfortable with our choices. However, others may be making choices that affect us.

This is creating a lot of fear.

When we are stuck in this cycle of fear, we have to come back to trust.  

Letting Go of Fear

Think about what is creating fear for you. In a moment of calmness, think or journal about the fears that are coming up for you.

Soul Contracts

IF the experience you are fearing is meant to be a part of your reality, then it will be. Whether or not you are in fear of it.

If there is a point of learning to go through to garner the lesson, then we have to go through those life lessons.

That’s what I call a soul contract. There’s no way you can control or cannot control it.

That mindset already takes some of the fear out of it.

Daily Risks

Every day we take risks – when we get in a car, when we breathe toxins in, when we are near potentially violent people.

Each and every day we are exposed to any number of things that are completely out of our control. We can’t let everything that can go wrong live in our head and take over.

You want to make good choices. You don’t want to be reckless. Yet, we also need to have faith and trust that if there are experiences in our life that we need to have, we will have them. And, we have no control over it.

These things will teach us and help us grow. They also expand our consciousness.

Why You Should Let Go of Fear & Step into Surrender & Trust

Recognizing Fear & Its Relation to Your Shadow

There is a lot of suffering on this planet.

Yet, we chose to come here to learn serious lessons about polarity, about darkness and light.

If you let fear run your life, it’s another form of lockdown.

How many lockdowns do you need to face your own fears? To face your own shadow?

Recognize when you are in these low-vibrational emotions. How much separation do you need to really understand the fear and your own need to try and control?

Make the choices that are right for you. Yet, continuing to separate ourselves from people, hideaway, and stay small and restricted is not necessarily the solution.

If you have really fragile health, then you have to make different decisions. However, if you have a strong immune system and if you are really aligned and following your intuition, then you are divinely supported. You can trust your higher power.

Whatever is coming down the pipeline for you is exactly what you need.

Stepping into Acceptance

The way you move through challenging experiences is through acceptance and trust.

  • Choose your thoughts.
  • Work with the ego.
  • Work with the shadow.
  • Keep your energy field clean.
  • Know that whatever comes your way is what you can handle.

Letting Go of Fear Take-Aways

Nothing ever comes your way that you can’t handle.

Come back to this space that there is constantly going to be fear thrown at you in this world.  

You could choose fear every single day. You can let thoughts like these run through – Is my water clean enough? Am I getting too much radiation with my cell phone and laptop here?

There are pathogens everywhere all the time. If you are in alignment and following your intuition, you will be given the circumstances that you need.

There are no mistakes. Nothing happens by accident. Don’t get caught shutting down and disconnecting.

Make the choices that are right for you but make them from a place of trust and surrender.

Remember to ask yourself, am I choosing fear? Or, am I choosing trust and surrender?

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