It is your time to heal.

As an intuitive spiritual mentor and energy healer, I understand that healing requires a three-part approach – body, mind, and spirit.

Many people focus on physical healing without addressing the emotional and spiritual aspects. However, they find themselves stuck, hitting blocks, feeling fearful, and stagnant.

Yet, when you address your whole self, it leads to much more rapid healing.

You’ll shorten your timelines for healing physical symptoms, feel more energized, and release emotional and energetic healing blocks. Additionally, you’ll experience deeper grounding, open new channels of intuition, and also attract more abundance into your life.

Single sessions are no longer available for new clients. Yet, if you are an established client, please reach out to to inquire about availability.

Group coaching programs & courses can include:

Energy Healing

Releasing blocks, stagnant energy, and trapped emotions helping you experience more peace & joy

Food & Supplement Plan

Soul-nourishing foods & also supplement plan that will help you gently cleanse your physical vessel

Spiritual Readings

Channeled information to help you activate your highest healing potential

Guided Meditations

Channeled healing meditations connecting with angelic healing light

Embodiment Practices

SoulFlow,™ exercises for spiritual growth, & also embodied writing


Opportunity to connect with other like-minded soul sisters

In most of my coaching courses and groups, I offer one-on-one coaching sessions, group sessions, and also sacred healing experiences. During these, we’ll build your healing plan and address blocks. Additionally, we will support your body physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

I have a unique ability to see you – to see your potential, your Spirit, your Soul mission, and your life purpose. I can help you re-align with your Higher Self.

Coaching Programs & Courses

Abundant Ascension Mastermind

Business Coaching & Healing Program

This is a year-long, high-level coaching & healing program for women who are ready to embody their gifts, release blocks, and also be well-compensated for their light work.

Sacred Chakra Healing Certification

Chakra Certification Course

This is an 8-week chakra healing certification, empowering lightworkers to step into their roles and give them the confidence to embody their intuitive gifts. It also includes a Level One Chakra Certification.

Manifesting Through Shadow Work Course

4-Week Course

This is a 4-week course where Rachel will guide you safely and compassionately into your shadow, waking you up to the truth of the power that lies in your darkness

Healing Retreat

In-Person Healing Experience for the Body, Mind, & Spirit

During healing retreats, you’ll experience rejuvenation, sisterhood, and medicine woman development. Additionally, you’ll experience healing, expansion, and spiritual conduits.

Divinely Nourished Mastermind

Transformative Coaching & Healing Program

This is an 8-month, high-level program for women who are ready to accelerate their healing through the power of energy and intention.

Energy Management Workshops

Spirituality Workshops & Meditations

Offered monthly, these spirituality workshops are offered on a variety of topics, such as abundance, body weight, and limiting beliefs. Additionally, they include channeled meditations, embodiment practices, teaching, and live Q&A with Rachel.

Your intuitive wisdom flows so beautifully and effortlessly through your spoken words. You also have such a wealth of knowledge to share with all of us. Thank you for all the additional time you devote to assisting others on their healing journeys. How blessed I am to be a part of your group. 


What Do Sessions Entail?

Knowing what it feels like to be out of balance with your physical body and out of alignment with your higher self, Rachel guides clients through deep healing using a holistic approach to body, mind & spirit.

Although no longer offering single sessions, Rachel offers one-on-one client sessions within her group coaching programs and courses. If you would like to work with her, check out her group programs below.

During sessions, Rachel uses a variety of amazing healing techniques based on what is necessary for clients.

Energy Healing, Chakra Readings, and Spiritual Readings with Rachel Pelisson

Oh my goodness, Rachel!!! I don’t even have the words to describe how incredible our session was! It feels like my soul is doing somersaults! I went in really not knowing what I would get out of it, but everything you said resonated so deeply with me. I seriously can’t thank you enough, you’re truly a Godsend, I’m so so so grateful!


Tapping into the Intuitive

During readings, Rachel goes into a high-vibration, meditative state to channel information intended to activate your highest healing potential. This can include:

  • Chakra Reading – The 7 major chakras are examined for energetic imbalances and also energy leaks.
  • Energy Healing – Used to help restore balance as needed. Techniques include grounding, energetic toxic heavy metal removal, chakra balancing, “seeding” of new energetic patterns, DNA activation, energy vacuuming, and finally aura protection.
  • Divine Messages – Guardians, angels, and loved ones that have passed may also come through to share messages that support additional healing.
  • Body Scan – Areas of the body will “light up” that are calling for healing or have important messages to share.

Connecting Physical Health

Physical health can also come up during sessions for more clarity and support. You may have questions about supplements, detox symptoms, or healing foods.

Rachel’s guidance also includes:

  • Identification of root causes
  • Guidance on healing foods & also meal planning
  • Supplement & also herb recommendations
  • Emotional support
  • Development of your healing intuition (so you can heal yourself)
Energy Healing & Spiritual Readings with Rachel Pelisson

Incorporating Emotion Code

Emotion Code is a form of energy healing that Rachel also utilizes. It is a simple, structured form of energy healing that helps release trapped emotions.

Trapped emotions are the emotional baggage that we pick up over our lifetimes and additionally inherit through our family lines.

When these trapped emotions are finally released, they remove the energetic vibration of that emotion from your energy field and your body.

Furthermore, emotion Code has been such a gift on Rachel’s healing journey, and she always loves using this technique with her clients.

I cannot wait to support you along your healing journey! Be sure to also take advantage of my additional resources, including recent blog posts, my mailing list, and my videos on YouTube.

It’s hard for me to believe how well emotion code works – my lower back pain started easing up on Friday and as of today, I feel slightly stiff, but the muscle spasms are gone. This is truly amazing work. I didn’t have to do anything. I almost feel guilty for leaving all of the heavy lifting to you! Thanks for your healing support. I am truly grateful to know and work with you!