I know what it feels like to be out of balance with your physical body and out of alignment with your higher self.

As a nutritionist and an intuitive practitioner, I will guide you through deep healing using a holistic approach to body, mind & spirit.

You truly have the power within you to heal, and I would love to help you find that power. It is your time to heal.

Private Sessions

6-Month Package

This package includes six months of personalized guidance, including intuitive health readings, supplement and herbal healing plan, energetic healing, exercises for spiritual growth, and more.

Emotion Code

Emotion code is a simple, structured form of energy healing that helps release trapped emotions in your body. During these sessions, Rachel releases emotions that your body has held onto, helping you to experience more peace and joy.

How to overcome emotional blocks

Spiritual Chakra Reading

Spiritual Chakra Readings can greatly help with healing, being the missing piece for some people. These intuitive sessions include a body scan, chakra reading, energetic healing, and energy from the divine.

Intuitive Health Consult

Intuitive Health Consultations are designed to help you with your healing process. I will answer all your questions on supplements, herbs, detoxing, and incorporating healing foods.

Kids Consult

Kids consultations include a thorough review of history, assessment of current symptoms and behaviors, intuitive health reading, and supplement, herb, and healing food recommendations.

Live Events

I also offer live events and retreats, which have been truly incredible. I will be offering more very soon, so be sure to check back.