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Should You Take the Leap of Faith or Play It Safe? {Video}

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Here’s how to take the leap of faith when you are feeling stuck. You’ll see how creating space for something new is incredibly worthwhile when it comes from your heart and soul.

When do you know when it’s time to move on from something?

A job, a relationship, a place, an old pattern.

The answer is actually quite simple.

You take the leap of faith, before you can see the landing.

Why Is Creating Space Important?

You have to create space for what you want before that thing can show up.

You have to take the leap of faith before you have the answers. Before you know how, when, and where the landing will be.

For a relationship example, you can’t call in that next soulful relationship if you are stuck in an old one that is an energetic mismatch.

You can’t hang out in lower vibrations, wishing for something higher; then when the higher thing shows up, you jump up and match it.

It doesn’t work that way.

You have to jump up and create the space first.

You have to leave that relationship before the new one shows up.

Leave that job that is sucking your soul, so you can create space for the new job or the new business you are going to start.

This is scary because we are giving up familiarity, comfort, and security from things that are a lower vibration – from things that aren’t serving our highest good.

Oftentimes these lower-vibration things give us physical, symptoms, stress, anxiety, and take us out of our clean, clear vibrational field. The universe is giving us signs. Our body is giving us signs.

However, we often miss these signs, dismissing symptoms and continuing the daily hustle, pushing and forcing our way through life.

This traps us.

We are trapped in the lower vibration emotions, where there’s no room for something else to come along.

Let Go of What You Are Holding

Let’s say you want a new relationship to show up in your life.

Picture your arms filled with crap from your old relationship, such as codependency, control, and lack of connection.

Your new relationship is out there, but you can’t reach it because your arms are full.

You have to put down what you are holding onto before you can reach out and get the thing that is serving your highest good.

It requires faith, trust, and a lot of surrender in knowing that when you take that leap, the thing you desire is going to show up.

We never know the timelines, but the quicker you release the things that aren’t serving you, the quicker you create the space for what you want.

Is this easy to do? No!

Yet, it is extremely worthwhile.

Making the Leap of Faith

Once I forced myself into a job that was not aligned. I was selling nutritional products for a pharmaceutical company, and I upheaved my whole life to make this job work.

Long story short, I was miserable.

I was gaining a pound every month I worked there. I would finish my workday crying because I felt so empty and unfulfilled.

At some point, I hit this wall. I quit despite their pleading, without another job lined up and only a few month’s expenses in savings.

I moved back to Rhode Island, got back into horseback riding, and became closer to my sister again.

That leap of faith was scary, but it was the best thing I ever did.

Since then, I have made that leap of faith so many times, and it always pays off in a better way than I had imagined. That’s the magic of the Universe.

Taking a Leap of Faith and Creating Space

What Do I Do When I’m Feeling Stuck?

If you are feeling stuck or trapped in a situation that feels misaligned:

  • Get quiet – tune out the external noise
  • Listen to your body, your intuition
  • Make the decision that you know in your heart and soul

Maybe that means breaking the rules by quitting a job you just got.

Maybe that means leaving a relationship that a lot of people are pressuring you to stay in.

Or, maybe it means making a new hobby, joining a new program, attending a workshop, or joining a mastermind.

You may not know how you can afford it, but you know in your heart and soul that every part of your being wants to be a part of it.

When you are making decisions from a place of alignment, it is a game-changer.

When you can’t stop thinking about something, when you know what you want, go for it.

It will pay you off a thousand times over.

New Beginnings

Right now, this is an important time of change and transformation. Spring equinox is coming, which brings big shifts.

Animals come out of hibernation, and the days get longer.

It’s a phenomenal time to ride the field of energy change, and close out chapters that are no longer serving you.

Leap of Faith Take-Aways

If you are thinking about a change, go for it. Put your full faith and trust into the universe.

When you take that leap of faith, you are doing it from a space of listening to your body intuition.

That’s why it’s called a leap of faith because you don’t know where the landing is yet. 

Don’t worry about the what-ifs and hows.

When you are listening to what your body is telling you, the ego will kick in and throw some fears and what-ifs at you.

Remember, to ask yourself: What is my soul being called to? What feels most exciting? And, what feels like the most powerful space for me to be in?

When you follow those nudges from your soul, you will always be paid off.

Sending you waves of energy as we move into this new season!

Taking a Leap of Faith, Rachel Pelisson Healing

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